Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Great Caffeine Wean #1

Anyone who has been reading this blog for more than a few months will know that I have an addiction:

It's really more like a lifelong love affair

 with caffeine.

I try to keep it decent, but under stress or pressure, I always go off the rails. I'm in that phase right now, and have been since exams a month ago. It's time to take control again.

Note: I didn't say give up (hahaha, the very idea!), because I don't think coffee is necessarily health destroying or bad for you in moderation. But, I need to get back to where I can function in the morning without the requirement of three espresso to start my brain.

I don't like it that when I go somewhere, my first thought is where I can get my morning espresso and that at 15 minutes before break time, I can only think of coffee. Really, that's sad, isn't it? 
I'd probably sell my own mother for coffee, and that's not healthy.

I'm not going cold turkey because when I do, it fails. I mean, I could probably do it if I had nothing to do but sit around and watch TV all day for the first week, but that's not realistic.

So, I'm going to caffeine wean over 10 weeks, culminating in a caffeine-free week (30th Sept-7th October), then settling back into my happy place of 4-5 espresso a week. 

I'm starting on 4 a day for the first week (embarrassingly, this represents an improvement) and  will update every Sunday and tag all related posts with 'caffeine wean'. 
If you'd like to join me, please do! I promise, it won't hurt much.

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  1. Oh man - I ADORE coffee.... I have 2 a day and that's enough for me - any more and my brain feels like it is a dry sponge that has been electrocuted. Good luck to you.... get into some dandelion "coffee" - so so YUMMY!

    1. I have some, and I don't hate it. It's just a bit trickier to make it work in our machine. Do you put yours through an espresso machine?

  2. Oh dear. Four a day as your starting point? My habit has crept up to about four a day, and I'm grudgingly cutting back to two. Must be the weather or something...


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