Friday, July 27, 2012

Laxin' Week and Coconut Brownies

I've only done one workout this week, and it was Forrest Yoga - not exactly a killer. My body has called a time out and I'm listening.

When it comes to 'laxing, I don't have to look far for an example of how to do it right.

The way I feel this week, must be how cats feel all the time.  Soooo tired. Only, I don't think they have a headache, runny nose and generally crappy feeling. I think the food poisoning left my immune system wide open and I caught a cold. Double the fun, why not?

I've learned the hard way that trying to push on through an illness doesn't usually work for me, but taking it easy and dosing up on vit C, zinc and lysine usually does.  It's been a very frustrating week as I've got interesting work and study projects to get stuck into, but my energy tanks after just a few hours and I have to nap like a fat, lazy ginger cat named Razzy. ^^

Razzy is in favour of my napping because he finds me a most useful heating device. It's not too good on my lower back though when I wake up and find I've developed a 7.5kg cat-shaped kink in my spine.

However, in spite of being under-the-weather, duty calls. There was stuff that couldn't wait, like fiddling around with all my new software* and, most importantly, I had to take the next step in the brownie mission. I can now confirm that the Gluten Free Vegan Brownies do indeed work with coconut oil instead of vegetable shortening. You can't taste the coconut oil.

I also used psyllium husk gel instead of chia seeds in these ones, as I'm out of chia. The result was a little squishier, but still ok. I need to experiment with thickness of the gel set.

I hope your weekend is looking bright and full of fun. I have some cool things planned for the blog next week.

Coming up:

Awesome August Superfoods Giveaway
The Great Caffeine Wean (perhaps you'd like to join me?)

* EndNote, SAS and I've had to join the mainstream and start using microsoft office instead of open office.  I fought the good fight, but it was becoming a headache trying to configure everything to open office.  Le sigh.

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