Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hello, Old Breakfast Buddy!

You know how sometimes you just wake up in the mood for a particular breakfast?

This morning the weather is moody and I woke up ravenous and craving something substantial. I lost 2.5kg with the food poisoning, and my appetite seems determined to get that back ASAP.
I'm not going to fight it.

This is something I haven't made for a while:


Did you spot my intentional spelling mistake? I'm just doing it my way today. Anyone can write erythritol. It takes a genius to write erythrtiol, and good luck saying it ;-/
I used to call this creation 'Oatwhites', back in the days when I only ate egg whites, and wastefully discarded the yolks. Now I eat the whole egg.

As I'm not a big grain eater, the amount of oatbran is small: say, one heaped tbsp. I nuke this with water and a little kelp salt for a minute. Then, I add a free-range, happy hen egg (or sometimes two, if it's a hungry hippo day), stir it in and nuke for another minute.

The next step is to add toppings. Today's effort was a banana, some sheeps milk yogurt, almond butter and a sprinkling of cinnamon mixed with erythritol.

I probably would have added some chunks of dark chocolate, except that I used it all on Brownies, and forgot to put it on the list. Fridge list fail.

The eggs really are that yellow.  I get them from a guy at the market who I'm sure inwardly rolls his eyes when he sees me, and my list of animal welfare questions, coming. 

Nutritional highlights: 20g protein, 7g fibre - and oatbran is high in soluble fibre that is excellent for cholesterol control. Made with one egg and one heaped tbsp (say 20g) of oatbran, it has ~95% of the RDI for manganese, ~50% RDI for riboflavin (B2) and phosphorous,  ~30% for B12. thiamine (B1), B6, Vitamin E and copper. :D


  1. Yummo! Great combo of flavours. Really glad to yea you're feeling better! Just finished Nora ephron's last book where she rails against egg white omelettes in a hilarious way... bring on the yolk! :)

    1. In England, I did not eat a yolk for a year and we were not allowed to put them down the drain. I buried them in our tiny back garden. Sad, sad, sad. And did it make me thinner? NO, because right beside our house was a shop that sold a million yummy things that did not exist in NZ (e.g. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream).


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