Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Fun Things

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What have you done lately, just for fun?

I've been: rediscovering classical music

If I was granted a wish of the ability to play any piece of music in the world, it would be this one, Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2. I've heard this performed live and it just gets into your soul somehow.

I chose that clip from the many on You Tube because it is Rachmaninoff himself playing, in 1929. 
I like to crank up the volume on this when I need a burst of motivation or creativity.

I also went to the Movies with my Hungarian friend, Beatrix. She likes feel good movies (i.e. not 'The Hunger Games'.. oops, nor 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.. oops, oops), 
so we found something mutually acceptable and settled down with.. 
some serious transfats snackage

= approximately the size of the kitchen sink

and a glass of wine that came at a jaw-dropping price.

at least I managed to neither spill the wine, nor break the glass. 
Neither of these things would have been... a first.

We watched:

I don't know why, but I just automatically love anything with Bill Nighy in it. He doesn't even have to say anything to crack me up with laughter. It's all in the eyebrows, I think. Adored this movie.

There was also fun with family at The Home Show, which is a huge event to do with all things homey. We wandered around, getting ideas for our dream home (eco, energy efficient, full of light, love and rainbows), but more realistically, collecting information on house renovation. Yes, we have a dream, but in the immediate future we have a wall that needs replacing. 

Mamasana was shopping for a new bathroom, but came home with twenty kitchen gadgets. They see her coming.

I only took one pic. Naturally it was of lunch.

Yes..it was one of those weekends where I get to Monday and have to re-commit to the veges and lean protein before it all goes a bit too far. This will happen sometimes. The way to get past it? Just move on. In three days it will all be forgotten.

I also had fun in the kitch with a total Brownie fail

It didn't rise, it didn't set (luckily this is brownies, not the sun) and generally, it was a squooshy mess of nice-tasting mush.

No 1 rule when baking something new: at least the first time, try to stick to the recipe. Just try. I have a new batch in the oven right now that looks much more conventional. *x-ing fingers*



  1. Those brownies look good to me- I like 'em a bit doughy! I'd probably heat some up and top with coconut milk ice cream... oh yes... oh yes...

    1. That is pretty much what we did - only with icecream and chocolate sauce. :D

  2. OMG, I've been caught out by the wine prices at Hoyts too - ourtrageous! Probably not even fabulous wine. Love that piece of music too.

    1. Indeed it was average. It's my fault for asking for 'something not at the bottom end of the range, thanks'.

  3. Far out, $18??!! Its astonishing how much movie theatres charge for pretty much anything!

    I really want to see that movie. I love Bill Nighy, too

    1. I know.. He's funny when not speaking, then he says something and it's even funnier.

  4. I LOVE Rachmaninoff! Nice choice of clip too :)

    I love vegan baking as if it doesn't work out, you can always eat the batter (no eggs!) Always a win in my book ;)

    I hope you took the empty wine glass with you, as for that price, it must come with the glass, right?! Yeeeesh!

    1. I think the second Piano Concerto makes excellent cooking music ;) That + nice glass of red and I'm a happy girl. I did NOT yoink the glass. Really should have...


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