Monday, July 30, 2012

Crumble, Coconut and Carbs

The Awesome August giveaway is keyed up and ready to go, but for once, we are ahead of schedule (I'm sure this is a first) and it's only the 30th. What to do, what to dooo?  I have to find something else to blog about. Carbs?

There have been a lot more grain carbs than usual going down over here, due mostly to my insatiable post-illness appetite. Rainy days have become grainy days, it seems.  I needed to use up some apples that were loitering in the fruit bowl, and you know that means carbilicious fruit crumble.  

I believe it's supposed to be a dessert, but I use it as breakfast. Early morning workout + bowl of fruit crumble and coconut milk = great start to a Monday.

For this particular specimen, I veganised it by using a mix of coconut oil and 'lite' olive oil instead of the butter. That worked just fine. No complaints from the in-house taste tester, and he will let me know if anything tastes healthified

That's why I would not use extra-virgin olive oil in a crumble (or dressing). You need an oil with little natural flavour or bitterness.

I had intended to get into some salads and protein later in the day, but instead found myself at a  5th birthday party for a special little lady (my cousin's daughter).  

Carbs of note in the pic below include my grandmother's trifle (what? no sherry? she obviously made a childproof version), my cousin's pasta bake and a pink and sparkly cake.  I love family gatherings.
 There were the usual little girl party activities, like little girls playing with their dolls. :D
Naturally, I was given the standard family notice of approximately two hours so whipped up the quickest and easiest cake I know of.

Easy Peasy Gluten-Free, Vegan Coconut Cake.

I first considered the lemon syrup cake, which is also quite easy, but didn't have all of the ingredients. When it came down to it, I didn't have some of the ingredients for the coconut cake either (fridge list? Why you fail me?), and had to use quinoa flour, x-ing fingers that it would be ok. It was.

It seems like a very forgiving recipe. No matter what I do to it, the result is always edible.
Due to the 'using what I have' nature of the mission, I used coconut cream instead of coconut milk. This turns the cake into a real fat bomb. A delicious little fat bomb.

Question: Do you have any 'go to' things that you make for a pot luck dinner or party? Mine are an easy cake or a root vege salad. It would be great to get some other ideas. I need to diversify.

Next Up: Awesome August Superfoods Giveaway 
(and this time I mean it)



  1. Lemon tart. I have a no-fail recipe that's just the right mix of sweet and sour.

    Your Grandma is so very cute. :)

    1. Ooo, put it on your good food blog? I love lemon tart and every recipe you have recommended for me has been a hit.

  2. Cheers to loitering apples and dessert for breakfast! I'm glad you're loving the coconut oil.

    1. yup, got to do something with those apples that are getting past the point of crunchiness, something tricky to make people want them ;). I AM loving coconut oil, although I'm not gaga over the way it's being marketed as the most amazing fat ever. People are losing their sense over it... as happens with nearly every trendy food.

  3. Cute little party! (My Nana's trifle is pretty much ALL sherry, you could get drunk my sniffing it, wowheeee!)

    Usually I do some sort of brown rice salad, or a sweet dip with fruit dippers for a pot luck.

    Yay for super foods!


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