Monday, June 25, 2012

Vegan Apple Muffins with Gluten-Free Option

Firstly, is it bad that I bought these tea bags because I wonder what will happen when I give one to my cats?

Catnip and Valerian, together! This may require some candid catcam video. :D

Today I managed to both sleep-in (my human alarm clock had snuck out of bed at ridiculous o'clock to watch England vs. Italy) and lock my keys in the house, so the day got away on me a bit. BUT, as promised, here is my vegan  moofin recipe. 

The recipe would be gluten-free except that oatbran, and oats in general, can sometimes contain gluten by virtue of contamination from processing equipment or crops growing nearby. You can get certified gluten-free oats, but otherwise you should assume there is a small amount of gluten present.

My goal with these muffins was to have fruit as the main ingredient and use just enough other stuff to make it work as a muffin. Therefore, it's low(ish) fat, high fibre and low calorie. I've jiggied up the nutritional stats and you can choose whether to view them or not on the 'printable' links. 


Vegan Apple Muffins with Gluten-Free Option

Click Here for Printable Version without Nutritional Panel


(Makes 12)
5 medium sized apples
½ cup dessicated coconut
½ cup oatbran (if you have gluten-free oatbran then this is a gluten-free muffin)
½ cup buckwheat flour
2 tbsp sugar(or 1 tbsp if you want a lower sugar, slightly less sweet version)
1 dsp olive oil
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp Ascorbic Acid (or squeeze of lemon juice)
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp vanilla essence
20g dark chocolate
Approx 2 tbsp nut butter


Pre-heat the oven to 180°
Grease a muffin pan (or use a non-stick one)
Grate all apples (this is made easier if you have a food processor with grater attachment)
Put grated apples in the mixing bowl or food processor and simply add all ingredients except the chocolate and nut butter.
Combine until all dry ingredients are moist. Add a little water or milk of some description if the mix is still powdery. Using a food processor really helps as it forces the water out of the apples.
Spoon the mix into muffin pans.
Secret Middle Option
I made these muffins with about half a tsp of almond butter and a small piece of chocolate in the middle. To do this, simply put half the mix in bottom of the pan, add the secret middle thing and then plop the rest of the mix on top.

Bake for about 35 minutes or until the muffins are springy when touched.
These very moist muffins freeze well .... not that mine were in the freezer for long.  They were a big hit with the taste testers at first try, which isn't always the case with my kitchen wizardry, that's for sure.

I hope your week has started well and that I was the only one suffering Mondayitis in the form of clambering through the office window in business clothes. Invigorating as it was to start the day with some functional exercise, I think I'd prefer to Zumba. :D


  1. Anonymous11:32 am

    Muffins on the menu next time we visit I hope, Will try these this week I hope they aren't to moist cooked in a gas oven, as baking is always more moist in my oven so I have found out over the years.
    Still many of my favorite recipes have now been altered to suit my oven Aunty Kath

    1. Yes, I did cook these in my ancient oven, not the fan-forced one. Let me know how it goes. Obviously you got the commented sorted out. You should start a blog, I imagine you would really enjoy it.

  2. love it so going to try these .... kids will eat maybe but they would have to have the chocolate.....

    1. I admit, the chocolate does enhance the muffin quite a lot.. :D

  3. Yummy!! I love the secret middle option :-)

    1. For some reason I am amused with biscuits and muffins that have something unexpected in the middle. I don't know why. I'm such a kid sometimes.


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