Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Too much Sweetness (and Cuteness)

Firstly, I have a sweet little story for you. It will make you go awwww.

I have a sick cat. Miranda is an earthquake refugee that must have fled her original home in Sept 2010 when Quake #1 struck. After a few months of encountering a cute and friendly little fluff ball on the street (assuming she belonged to someone else), I picked her up and discovered she was starving. She was bones and fur and weighed, I'd estimate, no more than 500 grams. I gave her some food and she ate it so quickly that she immediately threw up. So we adopted her.

Fast forward a few weeks and a now well-fed Miranda is ruling the house with an iron fist. She is still cute but has the biggest, baddest attitude you ever saw on a cute little cat. If the boys get too close, she bops them one. If *I* attempt to pick her up she growls and bites me (gently, but enough to say 'put me down biatch'). When the Programmer cuddles her, she turns to mush.  

Miranda is currently a bit ill. I'm giving it a few days but it might be a vet situation. She is a good mouser and basically ate an entire mouse family in the last few weeks, so I'm not surprised she is off her food, is lethargic and has the un-retracted third-eyelid that cats get when they are dehydrated, usually because of vomiting or diarrhoea. 

But, in her time of vulnerability, she has a bodyguard (*cue Whitney Houston music*).

Razzy (the 'robust' ginger one) is on the job.  He's had a crush for a while, but can't usually get within a metre without getting a face full of spit.  Since she got sick, he's been following her around like a lost dog, it's very touching. When The Programmer got home tonight Razzy was sitting in the rain just.. keeping an eye on Miranda, who was doing her business in the garden, on my veges.. of course.

By the way, in the pic above they are both balancing quite precariously on what is supposed to be a clothes rack. I've had to put the upper levels out of action because when fat Razzy tries to get up there, it never ends well. I believe they think it is a tree and their tiger instincts make them want to scale it.

I'm hoping she will be feeling better tomorrow. I never thought I'd miss being attacked by a cat, but it's just not natural when I pick her up and she just.. flops.

Secondly. Bwahahaha,. Mama Programmer parted with her coconut cake recipe and my version (vegan and gluten free) is in the oven right now! She popped in on her Sunday walk and I said 'that coconut cake was made of win. May I have the recipe?' Her response? 'Ok, it's.....' and proceeded to recite the entire recipe from memory.

I grabbed the closest thing (a graduation card) and scribbled it down. It's the most simple and easy recipe (which I photographed but my phone has eaten it.. who wouldn't, really?) and I veganised it by using coconut milk instead of cows milk. If it works I'll give the details tomorrow. :D

More cat pics - you'd be forgiven for thinking all they do is sleep.  Actually, that IS all they do, so you'd be correct:

I'm not saying Razzy is twice the size of a normal cat, but.... 

They are not supposed to get on the gardens, They frequently wreck the coverings,
but does my grumping have any effect at all? No.

It's a bromance.


  1. ON CUE: Awwwwww... I hope Miranda recovers. And Razzy is darn cute too.

    1. Yay! I got an 'awwwwww'! It's cute huh? I added some more cat pics to the bottom of the post.


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