Monday, June 04, 2012

The Monster in the Garage

The Programmer has a very specific way of shopping. He's not frivolous. Our cars are old and we wear our sneakers until they get holey. BUT, when he shops, I know it's going to be something worth it. He's a believer in quality over quantity.

The latest outcome of a Programmer shopping spree?


The most hateful exercise machine ever invented. We now have: A Rowing Machine (Rowy).

Oh yeah.. we are in the process of turning our old garage into a gym. At the moment it's a wreck of a room with random exercise gear stuffed in there at wonky angles. Getting from Rowy to Uppy (pullup bar) requires stepping over The Boys (miscellaneous free weights and bars). So.. that explains the background decor. 

Today was cardio day. I might have been mentally kicking and screaming, but I got on that (quite nicely padded) sliding seat and went for it. Twenty minutes of boring but intense exercise later, and I was done. 

I've learned in the past that rowing is dreadfully boring, but effective. It gets you fit, it works your back muscles (which helps my overuse syndrome like nothing else does), you can track your progress and, if you've parted with the cash, the machine is too expensive not to use regularly.

My plan now is to start dropping hints about how the garage really needs a really big TV.  :D

Do you have a particular exercise that you hate, although it's good for you?


  1. I vote for rowing too. It's the one machine I go out of my way to avoid...even though I know I SHOULD be using it.

    That's so cute that you name your exercise equipment. Weird, but cute. ;)

    1. Naming them makes it more personal when I swear at them. :)

  2. Oh I HATE the rowing machine, it KILLS! Was going to comment yesterday that I LOVE Eternal Delight's stuff - met the lovely couple last time I was in Chch, they are so sweet and their stuff is YUM! Pikos is so tempting :)

    1. I'm a sucker for food shopping. I don't spend much on other things, it's like food is my indulgence or vice and I spend up in that area. :D Oh.. and organic wine (which is part of what makes Piko so damn exciting, they are the only organic shop with a liquor license). Maybe those Eternal Delight people are at the market? I think I saw their stand there, will check it out next Sunday.. weather depending.

  3. I prefer the rowing machine over the Cross Trainer any day! Our cross trainer is a bitch... I think I'll name her.... THE BITCH! lol


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