Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting the Crazies Out

It's exam week. That means, that although I feel like I don't have the time, it is more important than ever to eat right and exercise. Moving my bod helps get the crazies out of my head.

Sorry about the pic. I don't really exercise in the dark.  But, I only had time for one attempt at the self-timer, and there you have it. Today, study in hand (title of the paper: 'is exercise good for you?') I did a 'wave' session of 20 minutes.

What's that?

Basically you increase the resistance every minute for five minutes, then reduce every minute for five minutes. So, at minutes 5-6 and 15-16 you are working at the maximum you can sustain for 2 minutes, then you slowly come back to 'easy' over the following 5 minutes.

Not easy. 

Meanwhile, other members of the household were.. keeping an eye on the fire (but not, I might add, actually stoking it up. Sometimes I wonder what the point of cats actually is. For sure, they do not excel at any housework duties).

Last night's dinner was very simple and time efficient, as will be tonight's one.

Roasted pumpkin, yams, broccoli and moroccan pork.

I added some avocado before getting it in my face.

Then I wasted 20 minutes of study time reading this blog post over at nontoxic nest and taking part in the comments discussion. I think it came as quite a surprise for the blogger when her Nov 2011 post suddenly went viral all over the internet. I'd hate to think  what someone could drag up from my blog, which is now 6 years old. Ye gads. I'm sure I said something uncomplimentary about the Swiss or Italians once when I was drunk travel blogging. It's bound to bite me on the butt one day and cause an international incident.

In reply to Kek's comment:

Well, there is this example of Razzy dusting the shelves in the hallway...

It's from 2010, which is probably the last time he did housework.


  1. Wow. That egg discussion got interesting.... O_O

    I wonder if you could train cats to dust and de-cobweb high places by hanging herbal tea bags all around the ceilings? No? Just a thought.

  2. Good luck with the study!

    1. Thanks, these are two heavy duty nutrition papers. I'm losing my mind.

  3. HAHAHA is your cat actually sitting on the clothes horse?!

    1. You have it wrong. That is not a 'clothes horse' it is a tree, and they are not 'cats', they are jungle tigers that like to climb trees. :D

      Yeah, I've given up on using it to dry clothes. I just leave those old ones on there so the tigers have some leaves to settle down on.


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