Friday, June 22, 2012

Avocado Pasta, Presents and Pancake Fail

Woohooo! Yesterday I sat the last exam of my Graduate Certificate in Nutritional Science, and although the exam was completely beastly, I'm feeling ok about getting a pass. It was a looong exam though (eight mini-essays) and by the time I navigated the after-work traffic it was 7pm and I was ready to eat the world.

Emergency: Need something quick and painless for dinner
To the rescue: Oh She Glows Avocado Pasta.

Sort of.

Of course, mine is the un-veganised version with rice spirals, shrimps, wakame and broccoli. Actually, I just made the avocado sauce and mixed it into random, healthy ingredients (all quickly stirfried). 

Never mind that, just think about the sauce. It's amazing.  This stuff will fix your life.

It is creamy, takes 5 minutes to make, is full of healthy fats and vitamins and packs the flavour punch. 
Lemon juice + garlic + avocado = delicious.

That was yesterday. Today, my day started with delivery of a large box from the Book Depository.

And inside....?

A present from Sistasana! I had to mentally apologise for thinking she had just forgotten my birthday.

Has anyone read the Fifty Shades trilogy? Or even Fifty Shades of Grey? I admit, I was going to skip it, having heard it referred to as 'Fifty Shades of Lame', but if Sistasana thinks it's good enough to actually buy a physical copy (we are e-bookers around here), then I believe it should be worth a read. If it's lame, it's probably the sort of brain-junk literature that I will thoroughly enjoy. I'm no book snob.

While I was getting over the shock of mail from my sister, the courier knocked on the door and delivered something equally awesome:

Artwork from my favourite girl. :D More pics for the wall.

My office had might as well be named 'Proud Aunty Room, Inc.'

Breakfast was a vegan banana and chia pancake fail.

I really should investigate vegan pancake recipes. I always try to wing it and end up with tasty mush instead.

I think the main problem is lack of a non-stick frypan. 
Any attempt to turn it just results in pancake massacre.
 This was gooey and yummy. I soaked it in coconut milk and it hit the spot.

Happy Friday to you! 


  1. Try this recipe!

    I have a few I could email you, too. Let me know.

    I love that avocado pasta sauce. Who needs pasta with a sauce like that, right? Just hand me a spoon and I'm good to go.

    1. That's what nearly happened (me just eating it with a spoon).. the pasta dilutes it too much.. :D Will try the recipe on the link, thanks!

  2. YUM.... LOVE OH she Glows, awesome recipes, huh!

    Yay for exam = OVER... must be a relief :)

    1. I agree. Angela is quite the talent in the kitch. I'm in awe.

  3. I have heard a lot about the shades of grey, was thinking of picking up just the one book for my travel to the US-If you start reading in the next 3 weeks would love to hear your thoughts before I buy and am stuck on a 14 hour flight with it. ;-0

    1. So far it's.. well, the two main characters really do nothing but have sex on 2/3 of the pages in the book.

    2. and on the other 1/3, the female character bites her lip a lot and thinks 'oh my' or 'holy shit' to herself twenty thousand times a minute. It's good escapism but don't expect highbrow literature. Also there are spelling mistakes! 'Sandle' instead of 'sandal' and at one point Mr Grey states he is not 'interesting' in something, instead of 'interested'. It's full of little errors like that, which I think should not have passed the editing process.

    3. hmmmm-it really doesn't sound very interesting at all; I did pick up a copy over the weekend-but I don't think it's one I want for the long flight to the states.
      Hate editing errors in $20 books! I mean, you sort of expect it in a dime store paperback-but no a book that you hear about everywhere and has all kinds of rave reviews. That's just not on.
      Thanks for the review!

  4. Pancake mush? You are obviously not using enough butter. Or coconut oil. Or whatever kind of pan grease floats your boat. I use a shocking amount of butter to cook my pancakes, even WITH a non stick pan. It's absolutely essential.

    1. I used so much coconut oil it should be illegal. I think there was something about the ingredients (banana, buckwheat flour, chia seeds) that just sucked up all that oil. I'm undeterred though. Will try again. Mostly I make them with eggs and that works, it's just the vegan ones that defy me.


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