Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wild Wednesday!

This is an especially action packed week. I'll try and update you quickly.

Let's see.  Firstly, I have a new BEASTIE in my life. Rowrrrr.

It's running Windows 7 at the speed of light. I've only had a few moments of 'arrrgh, where is *essential application*????'. Mostly I'm relieved at not having to wait while it grinds its way through opening some grunty editing software. My old PC was a darling. A very, very old darling.

What else?

Well, there has been:

Cake, made by someone else.  This one is a gluten-free coconut cake, courtesy of Mama Programmer. Nom Nom. So moist. I will get her drunk and make her give up the recipe.

And.. random packages of cute things arriving in the mail from my Aunty:

Furthermore, there have been:

New boots. These are Goretex, suitable for the subzero temps I'll hopefully be encountering at xmas time.. all going to plan (more about that closer to the time). These boots.. my feet fell in love the moment I tried them on. It was 'ahhhhhh, ooo yeah'. You know it's going to be a long and happy boot-foot relationship when that happens.

Not real fur..^^

All of which indicates..?  That's right, my birthday! Haha. I thought it was a rumour that you could forget your own birthday, but when The Programmer woke me up with a 'happy birthday, want to go boot shopping?', I was a like 'whaaaaa?'. Apparently, it actually is possible to forget your day of arrival. It was kind of cool though. An extra level of surprise.

I've been preoccupied with some interesting consulting jobs and, that other thing:


Tomorrow I finally graduate with my Health Science degree. I'm doing the whole thing - gown, trencher, parade, after-party, dinner with family. I had a last minute panic attack about what one is supposed to wear under the gown.  I've settled on plain black, with a nice neckline for photo's. I've had a bit of advice about that: wear comfy shoes, don't show a lot of boobage, don't clash with your particular hood colour (I think mine is 'emerald' for the Health Sciences department, but it could be blue for Humanities). 

The Programmer is currently hard at work making those black underclothes cat-hair free. That may take a while... 

Tomorrow we will be up early and on a plane to Welly for the ceremony. It's going to be: land, get my grandparents settled into their hotel, find the gown hire place, find the parade, graduate (without screwing anything up), find the after-function, catch up with family, crash (and maybe blog), get up, spend some time with my brother and then fly home. Woohooo! Probably there will be no working out, as we have no checked luggage, only the bulkiest carry on luggage the airline ever saw (bwahaha).

Wish me luck! And if you have any last minute tips, just fire away in the comments section. I'm a bit terrified about doing something wrong, but, it seems most people manage it without embarrassing themselves. Please god, don't let me trip on the stairs, or have a deodorant malfunction. Thank you.


  1. Happy Birthday!
    Looking forward to you getting that recipe soon... ;-0

  2. YAY! Congrats AND happy birthday - it's my birthday today too :) Gemini ladies! Enjoy Welly - hope it's not too windy!

    1. Happy Birthday Lou! Gemini people are always the most fun :D

  3. Hurrah for graduation! Hope you're having a fab day.



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