Monday, May 28, 2012

Half-dressed workouts and tea

I'm 100% a fan of the 'just do something' philosophy of exercise. I wasn't always this way. Until quite recently, I believed that if you couldn't go balls to the wall (so speak) with a firm plan and weekly goals, then you'd might as well not bother.

Unfortunately, on busy weeks,  this quite often translated into not bothering. Too busy, didn't feel like it, had to deal with a Vitamin C emergency of the 'sorry we are out of stock until mid-July' type (arrrrrrrgh!). Today was one of those days.

It would have been very easy to decide that the sort of 'break' I needed involved 20 minutes catching up on the essential Facebook activities, not getting changed then getting sweaty. At least I managed to get half my workout gear on...

Woah! Now that's a winter glow! (eek). And then, without further faffing around:  Zumba! Thirty minutes later and I was full of endorphins. Zumba is not what I'd call an intense workout, it's like the marketing says.. a party. It's perfectly ok to do it with your jeans on. If that's what's necessary to get your lazy butt Zumba-ing on a Monday.

Although I enjoy the vibe of a Zumba class, today was just me and Zumba Fitness on DVD. I like to think I have some rhythm, but probably I resemble Razzy getting buzzed on his favourite t-bags.

Speaking of tea, I think I'm becoming a hoarder:

The 'Bedtime' tea is Razzy's favourite. It contains valerian, which apparently gives cats an amusing-to-watch happy attack. My current BTF is the Claridges Green Tea, in leaf form. It gets me through the afternoon, since I moderated consumption of the hard stuff.

Well that's it from me for the night! Pictures of me flashing my pastiness, one crazy ginger cat and my herbal tea collection. Quality blogging, right there. :D

If you feel like commenting, I'd like to know, do you have a favourite herbal tea?

Also, has anyone else got cats that go mental on valerian? Apparently, it's only some cats that react to it; the rest just say 'honey badger don't care' (love this vid).


  1. I love strawberry tea :) and half dressed workouts :) Dressing gown pilates is the bomb.

  2. I find peppermint tea helps when my tummy ties itself in knots. Other than that, I go for flavoursome teas. I just bought a bag of really tasty tea grown in the Daintree while we were up there - lovely!

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