Wednesday, May 16, 2012


You know when your phone is full of delicious foodcam, and you just have to offload?
It's that time again. Also, I'm in the middle of yet another massive assignment and
blogging time is a bit limited today.

Beet and red cabbage salad at Flo cafe
Let's just call this post:
A.K.A Things I have stuffed into my face lately


Foodie Friday Friand @ Coffee Culture
avocado on rice crackers.. snackified

Mothers Day lunch, Flo cafe.

Cookie dough balls
Chickpea patty on rye

Fermented veges and... various leftovers

Cream cheese quiche at the Farmers Market

Mega insalata

Stuff organic chicken breast

Last night's tagine with roasted almonds

Any Questions?


  1. Argh Coffee Culture! Home!

    What farmer's market were you at?


    1. I was at the Opawa Farmers Market, which is held at the Rudolf Steiner School. It's a super funky market, lots of homemade stuff. I even found fermented veges this week and was too excited.

  2. Food PORN... how evil of you!

    1. Yup, deep inside I'm an evil, evil food pornographer. :D

  3. Love the look of the purple salad - ingredients other than beet and red cabbage? And what flavour is the friand? Looks yummy....

    1. It had some pinenuts and red onion in there too. The dressing seemed to be just a basic vinaigrette. The beets had been marinated in vinegar so it didn't need much. Very nice. The beets gave it a nice touch of sweetness. :D


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