Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Week in Eats

How's your week going?

Over here, I'm in full, crazy late assignment mode, so don't mind the crazy hair 
and desk that looks like a paper bomb went off. It's only going to be two days late, 
but still I get stressy about any missed deadline. The cure for a stressy Sara? Yoga. Aaaand...

Peach crumble

I even scribbled down the recipe so that I can write it up for you.. right after I've submitted my gazillion page research report on the wonderment that is attitudes, knowledge and behaviours
surrounding peri-conceptual nutrition. Mmmhmmm.


More eatings (and meetings), in no particular order..

Tonight's dinner. A massive salad with everything. The dressing was balsamic and olive oil. The avocadoes are just perfect right now.

 Standard old chicken and veg with sheeps milk pecorino (Blue River) generously sprinkled on there to reduce the boring factor. I've eaten more than the usual amount of chicken this week seeing as the fillets I bought at the butcher must have come from chickens the size of an emu.

 This is a 'too busy to cook' meal. The local kebab shop knows the way I like it (just the meat and salad and NOOOO nightshades, thanks. They even know what nightshades are
Having a fussy customer will do that to you).
 Kumara and broccoli mash. Not the prettiest thing ever, but a good option for when the end of season broccoli is looking a bit stalky.
 More roast chicken breasts, baked kumara, broccoli and 'chreese' - that's a yeast based, vegan cheese substitute that I quite like. It's the green mush on top, not cheese-like at all. To deal with this chicken I simply tossed the raw bits in olive oil, dried basil and salt, then baked it. 
It's been a 'minimal prep' kind of week. ;D
 Mamasana and Razzy hanging on the couch Friday night. What a big, squishy goober that cat is. 

He's definitely got issues from his dysfunctional kittenhood. One lingering habit from his days of ulcerated paws is that he nearly always sleeps in a 'paws up' position, like in this pic. 
Lounging against things must have been the most comfy pose and he still does it, 
even though his paws have been cured by the the power of love at work 
(so says his fancy European vet - she calls him 'my tigerrrrrrr').

 A balsamic reduction with shallots. This went over grilled lamb, but I didn't get a pic of the final result (fail!). The sauce was such a star I decided to post it anyway, 
even though it's ... just sauce.
 Seafood stirfry. I love the wok. Plus it gives me a chance to sing that song.. you know 'if you wok that wok and if you talk that talk...'. I might be hearing it wrong.

Well that's it from me for today! 

Has anyone else got decent, or even just average, foodcam on their blogs this week? 
Put a url in the comments and I'll link you up at the bottom of this post.


  1. Hello from a new reader and fellow Kiwi (although I live in Aussie)!

    You meals look so delicious! Love the idea of kumara and broccoli mash. Oh how I wish I had a food processor :-)

    I'm terrible at taking photos of my meals, mainly because I'm such a guts I completey forget about it :-)

    1. Hi, I will pop over to your blog later today and check it out! My Kenwood really is my other love. My priorities are: man, nieces & nephews, cats, food processor :D I got it by using my credit card (or actually, using my partners credit card) and accumulated enough 'true rewards' points to buy a super grunty machine.

  2. Awesome food porn there Sara!!! VERY tempting! I haven't photographed my creations for a while but will get around to it at sometime. Tonight I got a stressful assessment outta the way with spending 8 hours on it on ANZAC day! Then 2 champagnes, (so I'm banned from them this weekend). Then I went to cook my eggwhite/vege omelet to have on 1 slice of Burgen Rye. Ooops, I forgot the squirt of olive oil spray so I ended up with scrambled eggwhites, vegies and cracked pepper on toast! :-) LOVE your protein powder, fish oil caps and psyllium powder :)

    1. Haha, I do that a lot with omelet. It's a bit hit and miss if it's an omelet shape or just... a tasty mess. Good luck with the studies. I know what it's like, but all worth it in the end.


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