Tuesday, April 03, 2012

It's Aliiiiiive!

Warning: What you are about to read could only be described as experimental. At best.

After learning from a friend of Kek's that it is possible to make coconut milk yogurt by adding an Inner Health Plus capsule to the raw material, I decided to create some life in the kitch.

I've read about fermented buckwheat crepes, and decided to give it a crack, Jack. 

I mixed some buckwheat flour with warm, filtered water then added the inside contents of a pro-biotic capsule and a tsp of sugar to get it started. Then I bundled it up in a warm place.

On checking 24 hours later, there were bubbles and the beginnings of a tangy flavour. Since then I've been using half the mix every day to make crepes or 'buckwheat bowls' (see below) and topping up with fresh flour and water. 

After a week, there appeared a slightly orange tinge and the flavour turned more acidic. I will try again. I think an overacidic flavour means you are not removing enough ferment before you feed the bug.  

I'm really flying by the seat of my pants on this one, so if anyone out there in the interwebs has mad skills at making fermented things, please make contact.  Or, try it yourself and see if you can perfect the process.

From my (hopefully) fermented buckwheat, I created crepes and the buckwheat bowl, which is a microwave creation.

This involves nuking about 1/4 cup of fermented buckwheat with one egg for a minute. Very easy and quick and just the thing when you've trashed your arms with a ZWOW workout and need carbs now.

The accessories are banana, almond butter and coconut milk. I also used the buckwheat ferment to make a vegan crepe that had chia seeds in it. It tasted good but fell apart and lacked photogenicity. I confess: this is also my second attempt at a buckwheat bowl photo. In the first one my almond butter was hard and sat in a big poo-like pile on top of the bowl. I couldn't get over it. It looked like poo.

I have standards. No poo on the blog :D

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  1. Honey, that still looks a bit like poo! My poor tummy is not up to photos like that!
    Spewing and poo'ing is all I have done today! TMI? lol

    1. Haha, Yes TMI, TMI!! Gawd, hope you are feeling better! That sounds awful.

  2. Thanks for the plug! xx

    I admire your principles and concur. The no-poo rule is quite understandable.

    I tried to comment this afternoon, but my phone seriously dislikes this commenting system. Stupid technology.

    1. welcome, I will do some more blog competition pimping once this sports nutrition assignment is out of the way. 20 pages and counting so far...

  3. I ferment many things like yogurt, cheese, vegetables, kombucha, but haven't done any flour fermentation. Interesting to read what other people do.

    1. Fermenting grains improves the amino acid profile of them. A sprouted, fermented, cooked grain is a really good protein source. Do you use a starter for your ferments?


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