Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quakytown: the Art of Destruction

Today was a catch up kind of day. I needed to clear away the assignment rubble and get the casa looking less like a war zone. When the Programmer got home, he announced 
'mmmm you smell like housework'.

That's not even funny. ;-/

Moving right along, I've got some recent Quakytown pics for you. 
The first made my heart feel a bit squeaky.

Goodbye Santorini restaurant. So many good times! So much ouzo-fueled barrel dancing, 
making a conga line all the way around the building, having a go at the limbo (no matter how old or inflexible), and going at the macarena like you just don't care. I hope they will be back.

On this post there are a couple of grainy pics of the Santorini interior, but my search of our photo archives did not yet turn up any better ones. I did however, find a stinking cute pic of 
Miss J and I from 2008.

She's the stinking cute one. I'm Cleopatra. Don't try to tell me you also haven't worn some 
crazy outfits just to please your niece. Everyone's done it.

As well as the Santorini destruction there is a whole lot of other earthquake related activity going ahead at increasing velocity. I think as the dangerous buildings are finally leveled 
(often a step by step process), things begin to move at a faster pace.  

1.5 years after your earthquake, one does begin to see the art in a digger, a hard hat, some building dust.

Pics courtesy of Signore Programmer. Quite the talent, isn't he?


Over the weekend, I'll be setting up a fantastic blog giveaway, so **check back for that on Sunday**. 


  1. It must be heartbreaking :-( I'm not from Christchurch, but the images from the quake still hurt my heart :-(

    1. Well, it will be a different city when it comes back to life! At the moment it's entering a better stage, at least in most areas, with obvious rebuilding going on (including 'my' supermarket! yayyy!). But, we went for a drive through the eastern suburbs yesterday, and that really is like a ghost town. Just broken houses everywhere, not many people still living there.

  2. I've given you a favorite blog award! See here:

  3. Had such a great night at this restaurant just after the first earthquake. Such a shame to see the building demolished. :(


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