Thursday, April 05, 2012

Not a Morning Person

How does your day begin?

Mine starts by waking up and seeing this:

Then The Programmer gets up, makes me an espresso (my ONE for the day! Go me!) 
and slowly, Razzy and I begin to wake up.
Whaat? It can't be morning already..
Ok, just give me a minute, there, I'm smiling. I'm excited about the day.
Then I get up and crank out some sort of workout, except for yesterday which was an impromptu rest day because Zuzana whipped my butt on Tuesday and I couldn't really move.

Today was a weights day (upper body). Twenty minutes while watching Deutsche Welle on the Teev.
Workouts generally coincide with their Fit und Gesund program (Fit and Healthy). 

Then, when I get hungry, breakfast:

Today's was a little irregular: a little leftover apple crumble and greek yogurt
And with that, I'm ready to go forth and conquer the day! Do you have a morning routine?


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  1. Your cat is beyond adorable. My morning routine involves punching the snooze button more than once then performing some sort of miracle to get to work on time.

    1. He is a total squishy goober, that cat. I never had such a cuddly, lazy cat. It's a mission to keep his weight decent - and by 'decent' I mean under 7.5kg.

  2. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Love the cat, and apple for breakfast, me I have a handful of dry nutri grain and a coffee then start the day Aunty Kathi

    1. Where is the protein??
      Also, Razzy is not 'the cat', he is your furry great nephew. :D XX

  3. Thanks for the plug! :)

    I think Razzy needs an espresso to get him going in the mornings. Hehe. Can you imagine a caffeined-up kitty?

    LOVE the new blog look. Aren't you clever?

    1. Thanks, it really needed an overhaul + wanted to make it clear that it's a personal endeavour, not (just) a business tool. Always walking that fine line when you are a supplement peddler.

  4. He is so cute and reminds me me in the mornings! I have some picture of my friend's cat on today's post too, come see it!

    1. I shall. Cats are awsesome.

    2. or is that.. PAWEsome


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