Sunday, April 08, 2012

Meal Ideas - lunches and dinners

Things that have been enthusiastically munched lately:

A very messy omelette. So much deliciousness, so few skills at omelette flipping.

Chicken salad with home made Mayonnaise (this recipe but with honey instead of sugar)

Shrimp pasta (rice pasta) with basil pesto and a little sour cream stirred through

Seafood Chowder and rye sourdough toast. I used kumara instead of regular white potatoes.

Warm pumpkin and kumara salad with avocado and tamari roasted pumpkin seeds / walnuts. 
The dressing was simply lemon juice / lite olive oil.

Lamb tagine with prunes, onions, carrots, chickpeas, carrots and with almonds sprinkled on the top.
I couldn't even wait for it to stop steaming before taking the pic.

Another root vege salad, this time with a little blue cheese. 

I"m always looking for new recipes that are vege-centred and easy to make. 
If you have any favourites, please clue me up in the comments.

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  1. I think the thing you need to do for omelette flipping is cook it in a whole lot of butter. . maybe not your style?

    1. Butter is DEFINITELY my style. See my reply to Kek below. I think it's just the type of frying pan I have. It's a regular steel one. Sometimes I can make things flip and sometimes it's just yummy mush.

  2. I'll teach you the art of omelette making next time we're in the same country. Then you can make me some of that chowder. Yum.

    1. I think it's more that my frypan is old fashioned and doesn't have any of that fancy non-stick stuff on it. Jase is funky about teflon. He saw something on tv about it being bad for you and won't let me use it.

    2. There are other non-stick options now, you know.... Teflon is SO 80s. ;)

  3. It looks like that giveaway is for Australia only (?), otherwise the prize look amazing! Lamb tagine is also a great recipe for the slow cooker. I give it half an hour on the stovetop afterward to get that caramelisation effect.

    1. Is it? Oopsies, didn't realise that. No worries, I'll sort out something for the kiwi's in the next few weeks. I do that with my lamb tagine too. The slow cooker makes it tender but doesn't really get the right effect (caramelisation I guess..). :D


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