Friday, April 06, 2012

Hellooo.. Theobroma

As you may have perceived, it's goodbye to the Sanaworld blog. Well, not gone, just facelifted, and renamed to the Fit to Blog blog. The main reason is that I wanted to give the blog an identity that is more distinct from Sana Direct, which I'm a part owner of.  

I love Sana, but the blog is not advertising. I want people to read it and be able to trust what I say 
without thinking I'm trying to make a sale.  Hopefully, the new name will do that. What do you think?

Now... let's talk about chocolate Easter. 
I know that chocolate appreciation is not the reason for Easter, but there must be a link there somewhere. 
Mamasana is quite religious, and she turned up yesterday bearing precious things from Theobroma:


It should be no surprise what sort of Foodie Friday is going on over here.

It's a chocolate munching kind of a thing.

The Programmer started scoffing before I could start snapping.

Yes, actually, I DID do an especially grunty workout this morning. I've found this helps put my head in the right space on days when I will be confronted with lots of sugar.

The only other thing I make an effort to do on 'treat days' is forget that I was ever the type of person who would eat all the chocolates just because they are there. Sanity around amazing food is an essential skill of keeping weight off. No joke. Although I may indulge these days, I do not lose it.

There is a difference.

And, looky what I found yesterday at the supermarket! This is new:

That ^^ I have had trouble controlling myself around. The combination of nut butter and chocolate is something that my tastebuds interpret as heaven sent.  Luckily The Programmer loves it too and therefore this block is living on borrowed time. I'd give it an outside chance of surviving another hour.

And... one last look at the Theobroma selection. Gorgeous, aren't they? (and, I think.. upside down?).

How is your Easter going? 

If you have overdone it with the sweeties or hot x buns, don't stress it. Special events only come a few times a year, and if you keep it decent at other times, you'll come through more or less unscathed. It's ok to indulge when you're supposed to be indulging, if you eat healthfully when you're supposed to be eating healthfully (i.e. most of the time).

I should also point out that much earlier in my weight maintenance I preferred to not indulge, because I had not learned yet mastered moderation. That was then, this now.  Now is more fun.


  1. OMG. WHY did you have to tell me about that new Whittaker's flavour? Thank goodness the shops are closed today.

    I wonder of there's a government service that you can get access to that scrubs selected memories from your mind? Kind of like the MIB flashy-thing, only more targeted. Hmm...

    1. Yeah... it's pretty good. I think I have a receptor in my brain for certain combination of nuts and chocolate: remember the Nutella fiasco?

  2. The new look is really nice. I didn't think Sanaworld was too mcuh about Sana Direct, but I can see what you are trying to do here. Too many blogs are just about business, but then... that is one of the functions of a blog, isn't it? REally hard to cast a balance.


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