Monday, March 05, 2012

Foodie Friday - Belated

The last of Frantic February has come and gone, with a bit of spill over into Mad March. :D

Thursday was my grandmother's 80th birthday, and it was an exhausting three day extravaganza: afternoon tea party for her siblings and siblings-in-law (she is one of 12), more family arriving on Friday and then, on Saturday, we took the old girl for a spin.

I think there was a smile on the Ansaldo's face to get out of the garage! This only happens when Uncle D comes to visit (that's Uncles D & L in the pic), therefore I think he is the favourite. See the adoring look in the car's.. headlight? I noted quite a bit of admiration from boys on the side of the road too. Directed at the car, I mean, not the Unc. I think.

Friday night, we finally pulled together a Foodie Friday, of the non-dessert variety.

Eggs Benedict!

What is the essential lesson of Eggs Benedict?

Hollandaise sauce makes everything amazing.

Eggs Benedict is simply eggs, and smoked salmon and/or bacon, on toast (in my case Rye Sourdough, but everyone else had french sticks) and smothered in Hollandaise sauce.

Hollandaise sauce is the easiest condiment to make.  Buying a premade one is definitely cheating. I made it from scratch, using this recipe and the blender method.  Sistasana tried it, declared it 'nearly good' and then added mustard and honey, essentially turning it into mayonnaise made with butter.

Mamasana loaned us this thingy for the evening.


It's an egg poacher!

This simple little device turned the egg poaching procedure from a frustrating exercise in creating formless and stringy bits of wet egg, into a fully satisfying experience.

The table:

I really enjoy having a night which is focused around enjoying food, rather than enjoying Criminal Minds while scarfing down the protein, carbs and healthy fats. Not that our regular meals are sawdust, but now and then, it's great to kick back and make the effort, even if it's something uncomplicated yet crowd-pleasing like Eggs Benedict.

Do you have any fun foodie rituals? 


  1. Now, that's a very cool car! Do you know what year it is and what sort of Ansaldo?

  2. ooooh kay. I knew someone might ask this! Mmmm, I believe it is a special Blue version and was born in either 1919 or 1920. My Grandma learned to drive in it! Cool, huh?

  3. Anonymous5:05 pm

    for the record, its a 1923 4C Ansaldo

  4. Jenn P5:39 pm

    We have 'Indian Food Friday'. It's a real tradition. Sometimes we mix it up with.. THAI (or something really wildly different like that). Don't you kiwi's have a national tradition of Fush and Chups on Wednesdays? ;-)

  5. I'm sure I left a comment here the other day.... No doubt it was something profound like: "Home made sauce makes everything better".

    Wish your Grandma a happy (belated) birthday from me. x


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