Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Airports aren't much fun.

Let me revise that: airports are lots of fun if you are the one going somewhere interesting, 
or greeting someone with hugs and squeals. But for saying goodbye? I'm not a fan.


That having been clarified, on a 1-10 scale of not-fun, I'd have to give today's 'ta-ta, see ya later' mission a sturdy five, which is probably as good as it gets.

Although it was not a happy experience, waving the fam off on their way back to Europe was still about a hundred thousand times less traumatic than when I left Zurich last September.
That one was a negative 20.

On that occasion I had to walk through the gates with Miss J sobbing and crying 
'Aunty Sara, DON'T LEAVE ME!'. Awful! If I didn't have The Programmer waiting for me at home, I'm 99.9% sure I would have just ditched the flight and stayed. No visa, no job.. whatever. 

This time we were all prepared for a scene, but in fact it went quite calmly. I think Miss J just hates being left behind. When it's her doing the leaving, she's too busy feeling the adventure in her bones.

We were having a 'Monster High' party, hence stripey hair.
Rather than sit around having 'empty nest syndrome', we elected to crack open a nice, 
organic feijoa wine from Lothlorien.

Kiwi's. When it comes to this wine.. if you haven't, you must.

I wasn't up to any complicated cooking, so dinner was one of my 'go to' meals: a warm vege salad with a little blue cheese (left over from pizza night) and a few pieces of pan seared grass-fed beef.

There are some mixed beans in there somewhere too. The dressing is basic balsamic / olive oil.


In the next few days I've got a few things to tick off the to-do, including finishing up a creative project that was supposed to be finished for my Grandmother's 80th, on 1st March (sorry, Grandma!), formulating a new encapsulated product (or, more correctly re-formulating a powdered product to fit into a casule) and designing a pre-conception nutrition questionnaire. 

I haven't forgotten the 'how essential is breakfast anyway?' post either. That one should be up tomorrow, even if what I found was not what I was expecting, and perhaps hoping, to find!

Happy hump day, readers. I hope it was a great one!

(hump day = Wednesday. Everyone knows that, right?)


  1. My goodness, that little lady has done some growing up since last year. O_O

    Feijoa wine? Do they export?? You DO know I have 4 feijoa trees....? Hmm, Bike Boy may have to divert his brewing efforts to wine-making when they begin to produce enough fruit.

    1. She is tall for her age too, which proves that there must be SOME nutrition in cheerio's, nesquick chocolate balls and chippies (le sigh.... I try, I really do).

      Feijoa makes really good wine (who woulda thunk it?). I don't see any offshore outlets on the Lothlorien webpage. Looks like you'll have to request it from the man of the house. :D

  2. I agree, airport farewells are to be avoided..

    That wine is nice. I accidentally drank a whole bottle and had no hangover..


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