Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pics from the Week

Food prep station tonight. Flowers are a must-have.
Has it really been seven days since I last typed www.blogger.com into my browser? 

It seems so. What a week!

As you may know, at the moment my life is not really my own, but is under the control of an energetic and loveable 6 year old.. with very particular ideas about food.  I have tried to explain  to Miss J that one can't really live on spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, fairy bread and chicken McNuggets, but she just gives me 'the look'. 

At least she likes to exercise. Oh yes.

I would fully recommend taking an active child to a Beer Festival. Even though there was a terrible moment of disappointment when she realised it was not a Bear Festival, she recovered and proceeded to keep myself and The Programmer on our toes for four hours. 

There was not much beer drinking going on as you would expect.  Losing a child in such a huge crowd would be far too easy and more Aunty trauma than I'm built to cope with.

There was a lot of boogie-ing in what might have been the 'mosh pit'.  Good times.

The bands were fab. Festival music, lots of reggae and good beats. 

There was a whole lot of munching. I tried some rice paper rolls. 

The look of them was.... interesting.

I can't even say it..

The taste was.. meh. They needed something.

I then spent $20 at the She Chocolat stand, on chocolates scented with lavender and other herbs. Of course a certain Miss Someone took one bite out of each.  She didn't much like the lavender - 'it tastes like flowers, puh, puh!'

There have been many family dinners.

Don't be fooled by the appearance of salad enthusiasm. The chippies at the front were more her style, but she's a good actress.

I've been packing in the veg whenever possible.  

Tonights dinner. .. A bit of everything, really. I'm not sure my presentation skills would get me onto Masterchef...

Salad with greens, roasted pumpkin, dried apricots, feta, chickpeas and crunched up "Mary's Crackers (nut and seed crackers)

These heirloom carrots, grown by PapaProgrammer are fascinating.

Look at the inside of the purple one!

Now I'm off to get an early night and hopefully banish the last of this cold that has been having a snot party in my face.  I was wondering if I've been training a bit hard, but realistically, it's probably that I've been consistently slobbered by a slightly sick Baby G for the last week.

Something to read:

Low Protein Diet May Cost Lean Mass

A very short article suggesting that a low protein diet may result in loss of lean mass even when you are overeating.

Here is the Reuters article - slightly longer.

And a great discussion on Julianne's Paleo and Zone blog.

I've just gotten my hands on the complete study and will see if there is anything more to it.

Has anyone read the study?
If so, what did you think?


  1. Read a study? Don't be ridiculous. That's what I keep you around for. :D

    Looks like plenty of fun being had at your place. Enjoy the rest of the visit; the blog will still be here when your guests have gone home.


    1. The blog, yes. My sanity? Maybe :D

  2. Wow, that's a crazy carrot! I often wonder what nutrients we miss out on with the narrow range of veges we eat (easy grown commercial varieties.

    1. Yes, I think that too. Apparently the orange carrot came to prominence because it was the national colour of a particular country..(really should pay more attention when my Uncle is telling a story about carrots, huh?).

  3. oh my, that salad and stir fry look yummy!

    1. but.. not the rice paper rolls? Haha. Those things were really gross...


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