Monday, January 02, 2012

A rocking start to the year!

It is a fair observation that somebody started the year with outstanding enthusiasm. Today, ladies and gents, we had 48 aftershocks. Impressive, yes?  Only the 5.45 a.m. effort met the gold standard criteria of 'cat scatterer', but the kitties didn't go far. I think they have learned that the outside world shakes too.

In between and during shakes, I managed to have a productive day. So did the garden. The haul to the left represents the last of the broccoli and the start of the courgettes (zucchini for those of U.S origin). 

The courgettes are manic. They grow from tiny to football sized in three days; I'm toying with the idea of doing a time-lapse. We also got our first garlic! At $6 for two heads, self-supplied represents a fiscal victory.

I will need all that my garden can deliver over the next month, because I am embracing Junk Free January. I'm in the Triple Threat Set - no wheat, no sugar and no industrial seed oils for the whole of January. Sugar free Foodie Fridays? I will need some ideas, please....

Apart from giving my nutrition a prod, this years fitness regime will be a continuation of my usual mix - yoga, interval training, weights, zumba and walking. Kek wrote a great article today about excuse busting when it comes to healthy habits. I need a bit of that on quaky days. It's all too easy to think the day has been challenging enough without breaking out the Bodyrock. Sometimes, it's a valid point, but usually a short, hard workout clears the mental fuzz. 

Today, however, I did none of the above; I just unpacked the Sana stock that was manufactured when we were in Melbourne. Bags of WPC may only weigh 1kg, but after squat-lifting 600 of them, I'm feeling it everywhere. I also got started on the thrilling fun that is stocktake. *fun-filled expression here*

Then I made nut butter.

Ceres Almond Butter jar filled with Sara's Almond Butter
In the process I busted my second mini-mill.

Clearly the Kenwood Multipro mini-mill can't cope with life at Casa Sara. When its predecessor broke, Kenwood asked a lot of nosy questions about what I'd been trying to mash. 'Nuts, dried fruit, cacao beans and frozen bananas' caused a raised eyebrow, but they replaced it. I don't think I'll try that again. It was only three months ago. They might think I'm a serial mini-mill murderer.

Does anyone else make nut butter? Or do you just buy it? I'm beginning to think that the per jar savings are more than offset by the rate of kitchen appliance attrition!

Christchurch readers, here's hoping for a calm night. It has been 47 minutes since the last aftershock; a very promising development. Everyone else, please spare a thought for us that have been living with earthquakes and 'aftershock swarms' for more than a year. You might also consider that if I can dedicate to Junk Free January**  and fun-times a week fitness* in such conditions, then so can you

Let's do it!

*This means I chose my daily exercise based on what seems like the most fun at the time. I realise there is potential to abuse this system, but so far, I haven't.

**I think you can still sign up for this if keen. Head to the website here.


  1. Kerryn Woods11:38 pm

    I note that the challenge lists "Sugar (Fructose)" Erm, does that mean that sugars which are NOT fructose are OK? And that fruit is also off the menu? Gee, poor old fructose is really getting a bad rap....

    Back to the point: Foodie Fridays may need to evolve into Fruity Fridays. I think fruit + cacao + nuts offers some promising possibilities.

  2. I noticed that too, but then under the 'FAQ's' he talks about replacing sugar with fruit. I've emailed for clarification - I wonder if he meant sucrose. He is working from ideas spawned on the Wholehealthsource blog, and this is not anti-fruit. Anyway, I'll be having fruit. See no point in avoiding it. The main idea is to cut out all industrial ('man made or enhanced' food). Fruity Friday, I like that... :D
    PS: does my courgette look too rude?

  3. Amazing how many tremors you had yesterday!
    I just bought a Kenwood Muli Pro, FP920. What one do you have?

  4. I have the same one (Multipro FP920). It's only the mini-mill that seems weak. The blender and main processor are fine and the motor seems robust. I used the mini-mill to pulverise the almonds before putting them in the main processor for nut-butterising. This is what is recommended in the manual so that the blades don't get blunt working on whole nuts. However, the mini-mill seems kind of fragile... I will use the blender now for that step. I think it will work fine.


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