Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Placeholder - pics from my Tuesday


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Today's planned Junk Free January post is morphing into an article that requires actual research, rather than consisting of the mind farts that usually populate my blog posts. That will be up in a day or so. In the meantime, it's lucky that Foodcam just never gets old ..

Buckwheat pancakes.. I will never get sick of these.

Chicken noodle soup. The Asian food craze continues in our casa. I was having some fun with GIMP on this one. The photo edit reminds me a bit of those restaurants where you choose your food by pointing at the picture and it's ready in five minutes and tastes amazing.

I stirred in some Miso at the last second. Whereas things never really developed between me and Tempeh (except to the point where I threw away what I had left), I think that Miso may redeem my relationship with fermented soy. It has a certain something that I like. 

Some big, orange goober I found sleeping against the garage door. I do not understand how a cat can have missed out so badly on feline grace genes.



Paleo people may prepare to drool (lean away from the keyboard).

Tonight's meaty dinner. Grass-fed rump steak, slow cooked with ginger and herbs. Baked kumara fries.

All sugar-free, gluten-free and industrial oil free.. except the cat. Even the expensive cat food we get has all three of those in it. Maybe I should just start feeding them table scraps? They certainly spend enough time lusting over what goes into the compost bin (or maybe, fantasising about catching the family of mice that live in it).

That was my Tuesday in eats and lazy pets. How was yours?


  1. Poor Razzy. The paparazzi are always looking to find you in undignified positions. ;) My Tuesday is just kicking off and appears to have rain, thunder, and lightning on tap. With a side of cranky kitties as I try to wean them off the cat food containing corn as a primary ingredient. I try explaining that kitties don't eat corn. They don't particularly care.

    1. He really is a walking photo op. He has it all, cute face, weight problem, internet celebrity.. I'm surprised he hasn't made it to Perez Hilton.com. :D
      It amazes me what is in animal food for carnivores. We buy one that is 30% protein and it is still mostly rice flour. Most are less than 10% protein and cost much less. I could just feed them raw meat, but.. to be honest... I'm super rushed in the morning and pre-prepared is so much more convenient. Also, that means even more shopping. However, I'm still not ruling it out because it may be the solution to Razzy's weight issue.

  2. Matthew1:36 pm

    Your cat is so cute! I've got a fat ginger too, I think it's there genetics. Also, I am the opposite to you, I like tempeh but not miso.


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