Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Nature... sort of

As you may know, The Programmer is very keen on taking pics of animals. As I'm rather busy missing the launch date for the MVM+, today's post is birdies and kitties, all swiped from his files.

Razzy about to sneeze

A duck on the river near our house

A little birdie that does a REALLY good job at keeping our Kowhai caterpillar-free

More birdies - waxeyes

Flyyyy like a seeeagull


and my effort - Miranda 'laxing in the garden

Photography is definitely our main hobby. Everywhere we go, there will be the sound of clicking.

What do you guys do in your 'spare' time?


  1. Very impressive shots. I must check out that lens collection next time I see you guys...

    1. Did you think those lumps on his hips were love handles?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Chris, ooo, I must pop over to your blog and see how the jam making is coming along!

  3. Oh, you've made me miss home with the NZ flora and fauna :) Love the wax eyes!

    1. Lou, I didn't even realise you were a kiwi girl! That's great. No wonder I like your blog so much. x It's true, New Zealand does excel in fantastic birdlife, even if some of them aren't smart enough to avoid extinction.


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