Saturday, January 28, 2012

Munchies of the Month

Gluten-free, sugar-free and industrial oil-free meals I have loved in Junk Free January
Buckwheat Crepes. This gory looking specimen has berries, banana and almond butter hidden inside.

Protein pumped icecreams and smoothies of all colours and flavours

Cherry icecream
Kumara (sweet potato) and spicy beef salad for dinner
Kumara, beef,  navy beans, courgette, onion and sheep's milk cheese.
The beef was tossed in cumin, salt, pepper, crushed garlic and fresh thyme then sizzled.

And then for lunch the next day 
(with a different white balance.. you'd think I'd know how to fix that up by now...

Eggs in many permutations


Nuts, especially in the form of AlmondButterStraightFromTheJar

It's actually home made, but at least it has a suitable house in this jar.
And of course, My Daily Banana. Each one was a winner.

I have just one week left to go on Junk Free Jan (I was loitering on my way to the starting blocks).  It's gone surprisingly well in terms of compliance. As for 'results', I've only noticed a drop in appetite. Has this translated to a decrease in bodyfat?  

A little story about that tomorrow.

A question for you: Have you discovered any new 'go to' meals lately? Buckwheat crepes were new to me, but I think they'll be around for a while.. (..addicted..)


  1. Roslyn1:51 pm

    Do you have the recipe for those crepes? That looks so yum.

    1. Yes, the recipe is on this link:

      Also, I'm slowly putting together a page with links to all the recipes on the blog and on Sana Direct. That's under the 'RECIPES' tab in the navigation bar.

      Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  2. My newest "go-to meal" is more of an ingredient really, to cut out fat and make it vegan I've made a yogurt out of oats, raw sugar and some water and it tastes exactly the same to me. ^^ Its really amazing! And those crepes of yours look fantastic - I'm an absolute crepe lover.

    1. Maybe you can veganise the recipe and send me a link to it. I have no idea how to do that. Replacing the milk would be easy (almond milk, soy milk, hemp milk), but what would you use instead of eggs? Or maybe it just works without them?

    2. I made pancakes with mostly buckwheat flour once and accidentally forgot the egg - they worked fine! The buckwheat flour is 'mucilaginous' (or some bug word like that) so sticks together on its own. BTW, when you do your nutritional analyses for your recipes, do you have a gadget? Or do you work it out the long way?

    3. Good! I will try it. Not that I've got anything against eggs, but I know I have vegan readers and don't really make vegan recipes very often. I think 'mucilaginous' is correct. Big, fancy word. I'm impressed. Haha.
      I use for crunching the numbers. I've got a paid subscription and it's great for clients because we can share custom entries and recipes and it contains weirdo foods like cacao beans. The free version is also pretty good and lets you input recipes. allows that too. Each has its bugs. Cronometer doesn't let you enter serving numbers, only serving weight and nutritiondata, although easier in that way, is generally buggy as hell, crashes a lot.

    4. Ah software is never perfect, we should know! But thanks i will give them a whirl....

  3. No new ideas here!
    Your food pics look so yum!
    My son keeps banging on about me adding Whey powder to my smoothies... what say you?
    Should I?
    And if so, why?

    1. Well, the first thing is that it makes the smoothie taste better and adds body and smoothness to it. Also there is some evidence of an appetite suppressing effect with protein, which I'm sure you have heard about. The WPC that I designed (the Sana Vanilla) also has a couple of fibres in it (the acacia gum and the cellulose) which thicken up the smoothie a lot too. The first batch had too much of that, and literally would stay in the glass when you turned it upside down.. I kind of cut back a lot after people complained that it was a bit like trying to drink concrete.. :D


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