Saturday, January 14, 2012

A few of my favourite meeeals!

I've had a few days of frustrating technical issues, which included all my blog comments vanishing and then the inability to log in. Geeerrrawr.. nothing makes me lose my cool like computer misbehaviour. Hence the few days of blog quietitude (is that  word?).

I just got in from dinner with the neighbours (which was a little non-JFJ compliant, but worth it) and it's late so this will be a piccy post.

I give you: Sugar-free, gluten-free meals I have eaten in the last 10 days (and remembered to photograph).

There have been omelettes:


and crepes made with buckwheat:


And smoothies:

Some which were chocolate:

Sour cream and mushroom sauce:

Kumara friiiiiiies.

These are a few ..

of my favourite meeeals!

Ok, that was bad.

Seriously I'm not finding this too difficult, in fact I've noticed a dramatic reduction in appetite, which makes things a whole lot easier.

Now my plan is to be a bit more dedicated to the exercise routine - I only managed one interval workout last week - and start the horrendous process of cutting back the caffeine (I know I should say 'again' here...).

How are you doing with eating well in oh-twelve? Any challenges so far?


  1. That purple smoothie is so pretty! After a couple weeks of indulging (wine, pumpkin bread, CHOCOLATE, wine) more than I usually do, I finally got back on track last week and am feeling great! The key for me is booze only a couple times per week- in MODERATION- and making sure that I eat regularly. Your meals look fab! :D

  2. Yep. Alcohol makes a big difference to my energy levels over the day. I'm pretty good these days at stopping with one glass, but sometimes I just.. don't, and always wake up with regrets. :D

  3. Kerrynw12:15 pm

    I feel a smoothie-fest coming on.... Noms!

  4. Kerrynw12:17 pm

    I allowed my wine consumption to creep up to quite naughty levels over the Christmas break and hadn't realised how much of an impact it was having on me until I cut it out this past week. Energy is up, weight is down, and I'm having a lot less trouble getting out of bed. Who knew?

  5. I am dying to know how a chocolate smoothie has no sugar girl!

  6. OH, and gorgeous photos!

  7. Banana mostly, but the vanilla WPC I used (the one on the Sana site) is sweetened with a bit of sucralose. Apart from that it was frozen banana, cocoa powder, almond butter and 1/2 tsp Maca + pinch of sea salt.

  8. Oh, and avocado! The secret ingredient - makes it really smooth and creamy.

  9. let me know if you make a super duper one. I'm all over smoothies in this hot weather. I always build them around frozen banana, but I'm thinking frozen avocado might work too.

  10. Kerrynw3:13 pm

    Mmm, I'm iffy about avocado. It does add a nice creamy texture to things, but you have to be careful about the amount. My ice cream adventure wasn't a huge success because I used too much. Avocado ice cream? Ugh. I haven't had time (or spare calories) enough to experiment much...Must remedy that.

  11. You have to use the right type. I've found these really dark green ones that are smaller and basically taste like nothing. They are not very exciting on their own - no flavour. The lighter, bigger ones are just gakkkk in smoothies - way too much flavour.


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