Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Busy at the Business - Giveaway!

New Stevia label
Did you know that I used to be a graphic designer? 

Yup, my very first job was as an advertising artist, but it wasn't for me. Plus, I was 18 and didn't really understand the concept of working for a living.  Who does, really?

In my brief time as a graphic artist I learned a couple of useful things. I discovered that doctors can win some serious prizes for prescribing asthma inhalers (one of my first promotion jobs) and I learned a bit about making labels. When we started Sana on a budget of about NZ$1.50, this dubious skill set made me the default art department.

I've been resisting the idea, but finally looked at the Sana labels and decided it's time to jazz them up. The website banner isn't thrilling me either. I've got a month before the fam arrives and uni starts for the year, so I'm dusting off the rusty skills, familiarising myself with GIMP and .. well, let's see how it goes.  But, I need some help (help! help!) with a catchy name for the newbie.

Today I got started on the label for our new product which is a multi-vitamin with a few extras like CoQ10, Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Green Tea. So far... this:

Not quite NZFSA compliant yet... but I did figure out some tricky stuff to make that glowy circle thingo. Impressed? I had to put the graphic at the far right because it has 35 ingredients and it's going to be a real mission to get them all on there along with the other info that must legally be there.

I'm looking for a great name for it. I put 'Multi Plus' on for the moment, because it's a Multi vitamin and mineral plus other stuff. 

Note: This competition is now closed.

Can you come up with an awesome name for our new multi vitamin/mineral/CoQ10/Green Tea supplement? It's designed to support an active lifestyle in someone that generally eats well. 

If you have a great idea for a name, please leave a comment and I'll choose my favourite one in a week (Wednesday 25th). If there are none that we like better than Multi Plus, then we will choose our most preferred one, even if we don't use it. The winner will receive a free bottle of our new amazing multi.

A little note about customs: Although all readers are welcome to enter, I am not sure if this product can be shipped to America (I am currently checking this with TradeNZ and will update once I know). I can confirm that it will not get into Canada, however NZ, Aussie and most of Europe are fine.  If the winner is from a country that won't accept the product then we do have a secret back up prize in mind. :D

This is the first Sanaworld blog giveaway, so please go ahead and have a go.  

I'll be back tomorrow with my first attempt at cooking with Stevia, and why I really should have checked the cupboards before committing to the cake...



  1. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Sana Multea Q10

  2. Matthew3:35 pm

    Long time reader, first comment. I always thought ACTIVITA would be an ace name for a vitamin.

    1. That's a good, punchy word, but I think it is the name of a yogurt drink here. I know it is the name of a joint formulation I've seen in Switzerland. Good effort, though!

  3. Sana-tea Multi (geddit? sanity.... :))

    1. Man that's better than what I'd come up with. :)

    2. Yes, very clever Amanda! I would definitely use it if there was a whole lot more green tea. I thought a while back that 'Sanaty' might be a good name for a protein bar, but then I got disenchanted with protein bars in general (so many additives needed to hold them together in that nice chewy texture).

  4. Replies
    1. Yup, I like that. I will think about it. I have to remember that customers take a lot from the name. For example, I am trying to avoid giving the impression that it is ONLY for people that exercise. It's also a good general multi.

  5. All good ideas. Keep 'em coming. The Green tea is not a major part of the formulation so probably won't have that in the name - although it does look really cute.

  6. Anonymous9:38 am

    How about SANA

    Sorry I tried Sara...Thats as good as I get.



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