Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two things you want but don't know it yet...

1. Chocolate Zucchini Cake.  Our garden is booming waaay past the point of daily consumption. Never mind, there is always baking. describes this cake as 'fudgy', and I'd agree. It is fudgy, gooey soulfood. With undetectable veges.

For once, I followed the recipe exactly.. almost.  I subbed half the zucchini for grated beetroot and used choc chunks instead of walnuts. I feel that in cakes, nuts interfere with the smoothness of the cake-scoffing experience. Nut butter, yes, but not actual nuts. 

There is a lot of sugar in this cake (two cups). I will make it again using a combination of stevia and erythritol and see if that works. It should. Stevia tends to go well with anything involving fruit or veg.

The recipe is on this link

An in-process shot. No processor required.

The finished article.

This cake is best chilled. When warm it crumbles.


2. These fancy, silver columns: Something new from Santa.

Electric salt and pepper mills!

I giggle with delight every time I season food. These are arguably the most fun kitchen thing I've ever had.

They have a light!

Even when eating by candlelight, or in an earthquake powercut, the seasoning process shall be adequately illuminated.

I don't think we are going anywhere for New Years Eve. We will just stay home, eat cake and play with the salt and pepper in the dark.

And you?


  1. OMG that cake looks evil.
    Made with vegetables! Hard to imagine.
    And what.... no hold on.. I will 'google' it (Stevia?)

  2. Right, now I know. Where does one buy it? Supermarket. Health Store. ??

  3. I'm pretty sure you could feed this to your kids/grandkids and they would not know there were nasty veges in there.

  4. You should get it in the supermarket OR health shop. Also, I'll have it on the Sana Direct site sometime really soon. It is a bit of a tricky product, easy to use too much. Actually send me an email and I'll send you a small sample to try.

  5. Kerryn Woods4:06 pm

    Disqus didn't want to play nice yesterday (actually I think it was our internet going super-slow that was the problem) so I couldn't comment till now. I'm sure you've been waiting impatiently.

    I LOVE zucchini in cakes! I completely fooled the kids with a choc-zucchini cake; they had NO IDEA they were eating veggies. But yours looks better....I'll have to give it a go.

    And our battery-powered S&P grinders are one of my all-time favourite Christmas gifts too. But ours don't have lights. *jealous*


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