Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cuddling Babies!

Hello! This is just a quick catch up post, made at great expense on the hotel network. Currently, I’m in Melbourne, which is one of my favourite cities in the world, and the home of fellow blogger, Kek - that’s her in the first pic.

Yesterday she picked me up and we drove around drinking coffee, eating food (too busy gossiping to even take a food pic! The shame…) and meeting some of the locals. The locals are cute.

 Everyone knows about Koala bears, right? They are the cutest, and laziest, animal in the world. They also have some mad sleeping skills and can make the most uncomfortable place look like a double king at the Hilton.

 These guys are at a wildlife park, which I think was called Healsvale (will amend later if that’s wrong).  While we were there, we had a unique experience with baby wombats.

 This is Florence. She is a 9 month-old orphaned wombat that has been hand raised and is destined for an American zoo (I think San Francisco) when she is grown up. Wombats are prone to traffic accidents because they amble across highways in a slow and nonchalant fashion. Often they are mothers with a joey in the pouch that survives.  It was really hot and sunny at that point, so excuse the squinty-eyes look I’m pulling. Florence looks good though. She is about a quarter of the full-sized version. Adults weigh about 40kg.

I’ll do a longer post on the travel blog about adventures in Melbourne, but obviously there has been food and I’ve been snapping it with the LG. I leave you with…

Chinese Hot Pot
You cook your own food in the hot pot. Everything is provided raw.
Tuna roll with suspiciously orange coloured wrap.

Seafood Soup 

One of many espressi. Hey, it was a 3 a.m. start...

Self-serve yogurt in many flavours (choc, lemon, green tea). Mine has crumbled Reeces peanut butter cups on it. What an idea!


  1. Kerryn Woods9:17 pm

    I NEED to know the name of that self-serve yoghurt place...so I can hunt down one in my neck of the woods. What an incredibly awesome idea.

    The zoo is Healesville Sanctuary (you were soooo close) and if I remember correctly, it's the San Diego zoo the baby wombats are heading off to. Cuteness!

    Perhaps we can spot some roos in the wild tomorrow - I saw a big bugger by the side of the road on my way home tonight. I asked him to stay right there; not sure he was feeling cooperative though.

  2. They have a website - www.tfyogurt.com (benefits of food photography, capture something important sometimes..).

  3. Sheryn Burnett9:12 pm

    OH too cute hugging a wombat, do they have soft fur?
    I have a similar pic with you and Gabriel in Italy
    See you soon have a great time in the warm, a bit rainy here today.
    Hugs MumXX

  4. Yes, they are so cute and have shiny fur. I think they are like a giant guinea pig - you can imagine that. Weather has been kind of random, today was really hot, but I was in the museum, hanging out with Kerryn, and Phar Lap. x


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