Thursday, December 08, 2011

Calendar Season is Upon Us!

Deeeeck the halls with.. calendars? I think we have enough of them to deck our hall and the bathroom!

It's nice to be appreciated by the suppliers, but it really does get a bit out of control, and I just don't know what to do with my stack of small, generic desk calendars, each with a different company logo.

The accountant's, however, is one I look forward to and tend to use because it's genuinely pretty. This year it's Wide Open Spaces.  

Included are dreamy pics like the one below of Waiheke Island.

I accidentally flashed.  I'm still learning to drive my new LG P970 - I have no self control whatsoever when it comes to gadgets. You could probably see that coming from the case of the 'I wants' that was developing in my last post... It's not as good as a real camera for pics, but at blog quality, it's really not too shabby, and will be a lot less obvious when I'm photographing my lunch in public.

Following are some more pics of the my day.  As it's 11 pm and I've been in hard-core whey protein concentrate mixing mode (it's like vanilla-scented boot camp - go, go, go!), it's the best I can do.  

This cat (below) is Mog. The Programmer accidentally locked him and Monty in the office last night (he was in there figuring out 'Double Twist', which is like the iTunes for android). They caused havoc, knocking books off the shelf and breaking a framed drawing that Miss J did for me. When they were released, I got the cat hex eye.

He does it well, huh?

Later I tested the phone camera on dinner, which was leftover pizza. That is, a fermented pizza base with all sorts of leftovers, including last night's sweet potato curry, on it and a bit of cheese.

The base in my life.  I love these. Really. I'll never cheat on Purebread pizza bases.



I used hommus as my 'sauce' (tomatoes are evil nightshades that make my joints hurt).

His and Hers (awww, kissy, kissy..)

Finally! a chance to use these new organic capers.  One thing about capers puzzles me though...

Why do they always have to be in this crazy jar that is so hard to get them out of? All capers are in the same style of jar. I think caper growers must amuse themselves by imagining the ways that people try to get their capers from jar to destination. My favourite technique is to use a teapsoon handle, but this is not ideal and I lose a few..

.. there must be a tool for this, something like a .. caper spoon? (Google.. 'caper spoon').

Of course.  Where have I been to not know about this?  The number of capers that could have been saved from rolling under the oven! Oh, the caper-manity!

Yes, capermanity. Clearly it's time to go to sleep now.... :D


  1. Wow Sara, - very pretty calendar and I LOVE the pic of Waiheke Island! Delicious looking pizza too :-)

  2. Hey Pip, thanks for the comment love. Seriously, does pizza ever NOT look delicious? x

  3. I bet you are now going to go buy some of those caper thingees.. IF you can find them!

  4. I think I have to.... ;) Otherwise I'll live my life in regret


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