Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Working Out Kind of Week

<<< This is a picture of Razzy.   In his dreams.

Yesterday, so that I could focus on studying for the last exam of my degree, The Programmer headed off to do some photography. Judging by what I found in the pics archive, he must have found Orana Park. OR, he has found a way to capture the soul of your average domestic pussy cat. They are all lions on the inside.

I thought it would be fun to start posting my weekly fitness plan and health goals. I'm not saying that I'm guaranteed to adhere to that plan precisely, but it's a good place to start.

This week I'm aiming for five sessions: two yoga, two full-body workouts and one longer session involving cardio. The plan is:

M: Power Vinyasa Flow #1 in the evening. I have my final exam on Monday and will need to stretch it out.

T: Bodyrock workout of the day (probably modified to work around my 'issues')

W: Rest day - will probably do some walking.

Th: Power Vinyasa Flow #4 - 45 minute class

F:  Zumba

S:  Bodyrock

S: Relax

In terms of nutrition, I have two completely serious missions:

1. Cut back the caffeine

It is truly astounding how dependent I can become when exams are taxing my little brain. My goal this week is no more than three a day. I'll reduce again next week.

2. Green it up.

I've been thinking about how good I feel when I actually drink a few green smoothies. The goal is to down at least four next week.

Stock image. It's been so long I couldn't even find a green-drink pic in my files!
If you  have some good green smoothie combinations I'd love to hear what they are. Mine all tend to taste like grass no matter what I put in there. ;-/ I need to find a download for delicious green smoothie juju.  

That's it!  Nothing complicated or too demanding.  Feel free to join me.  We can all get fab and firm for christmas (and then undo it all in two days). :D

To continue on the green theme, I'll leave you with another pic from the SaraProgrammer photo files. This is a Kakariki, native New Zealand parakeet. Just hanging out in the water, as you do when you are 'New Zealands Next Top Model Bird' working the camera.  


  1. pea protein, vital greens, baby spinach, green tea, lucuma, mesquite, raw cacao powder, bee pollen, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, chilli powder and tumeric :).


  2. Lordy, I don't know if I'm that brave! Ok, will give it a go. I've got everything except the pea protein (pea protein?). X

  3. Wowza! Have been looking at this and your travel blog, - you are very talented Sara!

    Loving your plan this week and all the best for your exam.

    Pip :-)

  4. Thanks Pip, exam was a breeze. I wasn't too worried about it as Food Safety has been my part-time job for ages and it was just about the legislation, had to design a food safety flow chart, identify hazards etc. Could have done it in my sleep. Thanks for dropping by!


I love to hear from you! Tell me what's in your brain, your heart or your dinner plate :D.