Thursday, November 03, 2011

Two down, two to go!

I  know, I know, that by posting this piccy, I'm breaking probably 5 out of the 10 commandments of blogging, including:

#2 Thou shalt not post any pic wherein thy ist not made up (eth) properly and..

#4 Thou shalt not be pictured with vino in thy handeth.

It's just been that kind of week and.. mmm.. thou shalt just be understanding. Also, thou shalt marvel at my office sound system. The Programmer does not do things by halves.

Today was my second exam of the semester and the next one is on Monday. My first exam, on Tuesday, was the Principles of Nutrition one, and I studied my butt off for it. It was fine. Today's exam, Forensic Psychology, I did my best with but feel like I could have done better. It was an open book exam consisting of 20 very easy multi-choice questions and two deadly essays. One was on the challenging the legitimacy of the legal system, as per Dennis Fox and the second was on using negotiation to enhance the agenda of Social Justice. Mm hmm.

I'm exhausted.

However, I've been attempting to keep up my regular exercise routine (three yoga session + three 'something else' every week) and put some thought into how to get through without relying too heavily on takeaways. So far, this week has seen:

Chicken soup (for the student soul):

and numerous blender concoctions that provide good nutrition without putting me to sleep. This was today's pre-exam blenderfest:
It's boysenberries and my vanilla WPC. The sauce is just a little chocolate melted with maple syrup and honey.  I had to do it on the stove because my microwave broke.

I'm not sure why, but it has just died a death. The light comes on, and the food rotates in good microwavey fashion, but there is no heating. I probably blew it up zapping my wheatbag to volcanic temperatures every night. 

Tonight I have a plan for something with pumpkins and a recycled chicken soup - it just gets better and more mineral rich over a few days if you leave the bones in and keep adding veges. 

Do you have a busy meal for those crazy days when time is short and life is demanding? I'd love to hear it. Send me a recipe and I'll give it a go. :D


  1. That describes pretty much ALL my recipes.

    I'm currently exploring the delights of airport food in Bangkok. Interesting ...if you know where to look. HINT: Don't follow the tourists.

    Anyway, you look cute, makeup or no. And surely the vino is compulsory to get through exams? Good luck for the remaining exam(s)!!

  2. Anonymous7:38 am

    You look lovely ....your skin perfect must be all the great living ....still struggling to exercise..puh hate exercise...

  3. Muah! Lets clink glasses! (Oh dear. That sounded dirty...)

  4. a few glasses of good vino is a must when under pressure (or just a must in general) Yum, your blender creation looks yummo :)


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