Friday, November 25, 2011

Let's work it, work it (and eat it, eat it)

This week, I admit, has been less than supremely organised in the arena of working out. However, I've not been sitting around watching CSI. There has been a lot of box hefting (see previous post), an interval-type workout and some hill walking. 

Wednesday was one of those days when The Programmer got in from work feeling unmotivated to go for his usual run and I hadn't yet achieved anything sweaty, so we elected to wander up the lower part of the Rapaki track. In the pic, I'm probably scoping for sheep poo.

On Tuesday I cranked out an interval workout that is based on the Bodyrock You Da One workout. 

Here are the exercises in the Bodyrock vid and what I did instead, and why.

1. Surfer kick out - no modifications
2. Running man press - I did standard mountain climbers instead
3. Kick press left leg
4. Kick press right leg - did not use sandbag but did a one-two punch with 4kg dumbbells instead
5. Press jacks - I did pop squats instead
6. Three-point abs - no modification

Using this online Tabata timer, I worked 30 seconds on, 10 seconds 'off' (well, that's just enough time to get ready for the next exercise) for 12 minutes, which is 18 rounds. By the end I was a sweaty, shaky mess. Actually, by the 6th minute, I would have been cursing Zusana (I think she designed this workout) under my breath, if I'd had spare breath to curse with. Don't be fooled by the brevity of the workout; it's intense.

As regards my limitations, the main one is that lifting anything over my head while I'm either standing on one leg, jumping or otherwise unstable, is a very reliable way to upset my SI joint and achieve weeks of amazing pain.  It is better to just not do that very often, and especially when I'm aiming for maximum reps rather than giving my full attention to perfect form. Everything else is tickety-boo, even plyometrics, so I don't exactly feel disadvantaged when it comes to working my bod. 

And how to balance up all that activity?

Foodie Friday!

Foodie Friday kicked off later than usual due to a certain mad keen photographer having an inescapable urge to capture the partial solar eclipse.

I know, he's talented, huh?

By the time he got back, Mamasana, her hub and me had pretty much demolished the basil and sourcream pasta:

Sauteed, spiced chicken mixed with rice pasta broccoli, basil pesto and sour cream. Sprinkled with grated pecorino at serving time. Very easy. I don't really 'do' complicated when it comes to food; who has the time for that?

For dessert, I presented the main event, Stuffed Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Love Veggies and Yoga blog.

I'd made them earlier and took a pic. The 'stuffed' part, I didn't actually do. I just mixed in every piece of random confectionery or chocolate that I had in the house. There was a sliced-up raspberry licorice in there that worked very nicely. I also subbed in some almond nut butter for some of the real butter, just because I like it.

When it comes to following recipes, I only ever use them as an inspiration. Most of the time this works out, and rarely it fails into something inedible which just somehow doesn't make it to the blog. ;)  

I'd recommend these cookies (what we call 'biscuits' here). They are a wonderful 'chewy on the inside / slightly firm on the outside' texture that appeals to me deeply in a treat food.

As well as the food, it was awesome just to chill with family. We spoke with Miss J on Skype and then had a surprise Skype with Brosana, my brother. Of course, the guys got to chatting about.. car radiators and perished rubber.. as you do. I love how technology brings loved ones closer, even when they are far away.

I'll be back tomorrow with a weekly round up and exciting news about an upcoming adventure. (eeee!)

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