Thursday, December 01, 2011

In with the New

It's a whole new month, the month that comes right before a whole new year. doesn't everything just feel so sparkly right now?.

I thought I'd do a fun post about new things happening in my life. As usual, I've got a lot on, starting with the monthly task of new stuff in the survival supplies.

It's hardly a glamorous task but every month I rotate out the oldest stuff in the emergency food supplies and replace it with new.

Then I make sure that all the water bottles are full with new water from the Reverse Osmosis system. We have about 50 stashed in the wine rack and cupboards. These are also rotated as we use them, sterilised and re-filled. We also have couple of 20L bladders, but I only refresh them... never.  They are not for drinking.

The bottle at top right is the most essential earthquake survival item in the house: cab sav - I kid you not. If we had an aftershock and I was out of wine, I'd probably progress directly to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

New Study

I've made the decision to commence my Masters degree in Psychology next year on a part-time basis. I had a major decision to make regarding staying with my Alma Mater (Massey) or jumping ship to Canterbury uni. I've decided to defect.  Of course, this all assumes I gain acceptance to the program, which has not been confirmed yet. (x-ing fingers and toes).

New Job (?)

Yesterday I met with someone about a potential 'research and writing' position, which may be happening early next year in a field of great interest to me. I'm not going to say too much about that just yet, in case it fades into a big nothing, but I'm really hoping it comes off (so that would be some more x-ing of body parts?).

New Food

Tempeh. Here is some I tried today, with kale chips.  You know... my reaction right now is that anyone who says they like this stuff is lying. However, I know that trying something once doesn't allow your tastebuds to get over the shock of a novel flavour. I'll finish the packet before heaping judgement on it.

If anyone has a foolproof way of making Tempeh not taste like mouldy soybeans, then please enlighten me.

Coconut Water. The first time I had coconut water I really didn't like it. That was this brand:

I got it off the shelf, so it was not perfectly cold, and it tasted sort of musty.  Recently I decided to give it another try, as my nutritional analysis suggested I could do with more potassium in my life and coconut water has lots of it.  This time I grabbed a can from the fridge:

Mmm, yummy.  Nature Factor Coconut Water is a taste winner. At $4 a can, it won't be an everyday thing, but it will make a regular appearance. I also eyed up a whole coconut in the organic shop, but was daunted by the thought of having to break into it. It looks like this would require power tools.

New Whey Protein

I've just emptied the bank account and ordered up a new batch of WPC for Sana. This means we are about to mix flavourings, which makes the facility and every human that enters it, smell strongly of vanilla for days. Very Christmassy. I always weigh the flavourings myself. It's just such an expensive product to make and if something went wrong, it's best to know who screwed it up, right? It's not like I have control issues or anything..

New Adventures (yayyy!)

The Programmer, being a big-time super-duper programmer extraordinaire, is now and then sent overseas to train software users or supervise some crucial installation process. Last week he informed me that they were sending him to Melbourne. Would I like to tag along? Let me think about that for 0.0000001 seconds. 

I'm anticipating a mid-December week of doing nothing and getting to spend some time with my awesome friend Kek from Fitbodyfifty.  The only way this trip could be any better is if The Programmer announced they were designing a new system for Koko Black and that we would have to spend all day there, every day.

Maybe next time.. :D

What's new in your life?


  1. I sometimes think of making an 'emergency supplies' box... but just never get around to it!
    If we lived in Christchurch though, I sure would!
    I feel so sorry for everyone down there. What a dreadful time you have all had of it this year.

    Too much coconut milk gives you the shits... Tom Hanks said so in 'Castaway' lol ! I have watched that movie dozens of times. Whoops went off topic there!

  2. Yes, but this is coconut 'water'.. actually I have no idea what is the difference between coconut water, coconut milk, coconut cream... Very important to have a survival kit! Don't make me tell you off about it...

  3. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Hmm, kale chips could be new in my life! Tell me how come they can be called chips and be healthy? How do i make them? I have plenty of kale going nuts in my garden in Queenstown right now.

  4. Oh, don't worry, we can arrange to visit every Koko Black store in Melbourne. Just for quality-checking purposes, you know?

  5. I thought tempeh tasted like vomit until I used a recipe that called for it to be grated instead of cut into chunks- GENIUS! If you grate the tempeh into a pan and saute it with a touch of olive oil and spices, it becomes nutty and toasty and does away with that icky fermented tang. Seriously- I'd given up on tempeh til I tried it this way and now I'm sold! It's a great sub for ground beef in everything from chili to tacos. I made this recipe:

  6. @Kek - that sounds like a serious and necessary plan. ;) You're on! I shall start saving..

    @Sara - Ok, will give it a go, but. .ya know, I'm not much into 'fried' stuff. I can imagine it would work though. I was also thinking marinating it - I heard that it really soaks up flavours. It's the only soy product I'd touch.

    @Christine. Will do a post on that today. You just massage some olive oil into kale leaves and bake them on open racks/really low heat until they are crispy but NOT brown (brown = too hot or too long).

  7. Just making a test reply here. NO idea how this new commenting system works...


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