Sunday, November 20, 2011

Catch up and Confessions...

It's a beautiful Sunday here in Christchurch, warm, sunny, pancakes for breakfast.. :D  Of course there was that slightly tense, over-the-fence discussion with our new neighbours about how high-decibel death metal does not enhance outdoors pancake eating.. but never mind that.

Let's talk about the week in workouts and green drinks. I must confess, the caffeine reduction is not really going to plan.... (does it ever??).

The Plan

As per last Sunday, my health mission for this week involved:

  • 2 Yoga Sessions (one done, one to go)
  • 2 Bodyrock 'type' (bodyweight interval training) sessions (done and done, with seriously complaining muscles the next day both times - I will post details of these some time next week)
  • 1 Zumba (done)
  • 4 Green Smoothies (done)
  • No more than 3 espresso a day  (ermmm.... *look away, please*)

The one that did it - my fourth espresso on Friday. I cracked.  
So far I've achieved all workouts except for one yoga, which shall be mastered straight after this post.  I just polished off my last green drink, aaaand my fourth espresso of the day.  On Friday I had five.  However, this level of intake is still a vast improvement on the extreme-caffeine lifestyle of the last few months. I'm barely keeping ahead of the withdrawal symptoms. Isn't that just pathetic?

The green drinks are growing on me.  I have discovered that fresh mint is fabulous in smoothies and baby spinach doesn't taste like grass.  My mint plant is obliging me with enough leaves to last all summer.
Since I planted it about four years ago, the spearmint had been a tiny, sparse little plant that wouldn't grow no matter what I threw at it.  Then, this year, we had a serious winter.  We had two snows, which is unheard of in NZ, and I felt sure that my herbs would be permanently traumatised. Not so. They have nearly all fought back with astounding speed and are the biggest and bushiest that I've ever seen them.  The exception is the dill, which seems to have died at the original location but sprung up in other places.  Lesson: hard times can make you stronger (Garden Philosophy 101).

This Week

I am going to continue with last week's plan for the rest of November (is this an apostrophe catastrophe? Someone please put me right if it is..).

Two yoga sessions from my fave yoga download place.  Did you know that most of the 20 minute classes from are free?  No excuses whatsoever.

Two Bodyrock sessions, or similar. Even though I have to modify their workouts to cater for my rehabbed injuries (shoulder, back, knee, hip - yes, I'm a mess), and even though I have to shut my eyes when I see the presenter use scary bad form, I love the community atmosphere on the Bodyrock site.  It's truly international and there is no bitching, just support, and everything there is gratis.  I am cringing for the day that presenter Sean Light puts his back out hoisting a sandbag though...

One Zumba class. It is more like a party than exercise and just like money, you can't really have too much dancing in your life.

How did your week go? Did you kick your exercise goals into touch? (rugby saying, for those that are not familiar).

Also, I'm looking for something fun for December, preferably that can be downloaded. Any ideas?


  1. Great job on the workouts and green smoothies! I will try Zumba at some point.

    My minimum standard of planned workouts per week are:
    * minimum 3 cardio workouts, (enough to produce sweat) of at least 30 mins each. Swimming acceptable too
    * minimum 2 resistance workouts of at least 15 mins each per week. Usually this involves rotating pushups, plank, lunges, tricep dips, crunches, sit against wall thing at 90 degree angle with no rest between sets. I think this is a hard workout.
    Work is active and I take lots of stairs in my day.
    Plus no bingeing, enough sleep, keeping to budget, and keeping within my weekly alcohol ration is pretty much it. Mostly successful atm.

  2. Sounds great Pip and I'm SO proud of you for getting yourself back on track after everything you've been through. Have you tried the Bodyrock workouts? They are killer.

  3. Baby spinach in banana pancakes is also good, and NOT AT ALL WEIRD, OK? I'm just saying... *mutters about being sick of the incessant questioning over green pancakes at morning tea*

    Good luck with the caffeine reduction goal. *snort* Sorry. My water just went up my nose. Honest.


  4. Also... Ooh! Is that a Photovisi collage? Awesome! I love that website.

  5. Thanks Sara, no I haven't tried the Bodyrock classes but they could be a goer! I'm thinking about trying some plyometric type workouts to help with speed and strength. Classes are always good!

    As for coffee, I've never had straight expresso but like my skinny flat whites with a double shot of coffee, (trim flat whites in NZ haha). Occasionally a skinny capp is good with the chocolate shaking on top in the arvos! I am curious as to how many shots are in your expressos!

  6. Kek, yes that IS Photovisio - I went searching on your blog for the link to it too. And, you know me too well! However, I am determined to get the caffeine under control for many reasons which I'll be blabbing on about shortly.

    Pip - I think they are only single shots - though my machine has many settings to do with strength. You can adjust the amount of beans ground for each coffee, the mesh size of the grind, the amount of water pushed through those beans. It's very complex - you need to sit a diploma in 'how to work the Saeco Royal Professional Deluxe' before they let you even push a button... :D

  7. You herb garden looks great! doesn't your mint spread all over the place?
    My mint is in pots to keep it contained.
    Have a great week.

  8. I think I use it enough to keep it at bay, but it is growing a lot faster than it used to. Apparently the snow puts minerals into the ground that plants like, and we had two good snows this year. It basically has run of one side of the herb garden and only the marjoram and some chives to compete with so no biggie if it DOES try to take over the world.


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