Sunday, October 02, 2011


Let's talk about my issues. 

You see this Nutino stuff? It is is basically a Nutella clone, and that means it holds the potential to exercise power over me.

Those of you who followed my adventures in England back in 2004 will know this story: I discovered Green and Blacks Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, the 500g jar. I managed to eat one jar a week, and gained 500g a week for three months. You'd think after a month, I would have quit, or at least cut back, but I found it strangely addicting.

Since then I've acknowledged my weakness and exercised extreme restraint with all forms of choco-nuttiness. Respect the lard-packing power, yo. 

You may recall that Foodie Friday this week involved Nutella as an ingredient. I knew it was tempting fate to choose that recipe, but there comes a day when everyone must face their fear of being dominated by a jar of delicious brown goo.

After the dessert making adventure, there was quite a bit left.  Today it accidentally ended up in my protein icecream:

  • All in the blender:
  • 1 Frozen banana 
  • 3 scoops Sana WPC, Vanilla
  • Tbsp Nutella (or, in this case, Nutino)
  • About 2 Tbsp water
That having been confessed, it's not exactly a slippery slope. I haven't been tempted to scarf the jar contents with a spoon, so perhaps the relationship has been redefined to an adequate level. I did have an intense private talk with the jar when Mamasana turned it over to my care. I had to explain that, although it was nice to be reunited, things could never be as they were because, in the past, Nutella had been far too controlling and, well, at this point in my life, I don't do dysfunctional relationships with food items.

 I've explained that tonight I have a dinner date with a lamb salad and mashed parsnip and it's not invited.

I think it understood.

Do you have any foods that have presented a particular challenge in keeping your eating on track? 
How do you deal with them? 

New Blog Template

Thanks for your feedback both here and on Facebook. I'm going to run with this template for a few weeks and see how it grows on me. Blogger are currently working on the customisability, and I think once I can add a header and a sidebar, it should be great.

If you come across anything that's particularly annoying, please say. I've found that the mobile version requires you to select the option of using a non-dynamic format. After that it works.


  1. Nutella is still not welcome in my house after it proved to be an attention-seeking housemate some years ago, demanding my company constantly. The relationship ended badly, with my kids being awarded custody of the jar. Hey, it was for my own good.


    I do quite like the look of the template - but the missing header and sidebar do make it hard to navigate around. Hopefully Blogger will sort that out soon.

  2. My weakness is chunky peanut butter!
    I simply don't buy it.. then I cannot be tempted.

  3. Interesting that it's nuts that seem to have that effect on all of us. I have to say, I once also discovered the joys of eating nutella and nut butter TOGETHER. Now that was a very fattening week.


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