Friday, October 28, 2011

More pics, less words

Well you know what's been going on around here! Lots of textbook reading, note writing, mnemomic creating and... not much time in the kitchen.

I confess, last night I resorted to Hell Pizza (their site is cool, you can pick up the little demons and throw them around). Also, the person that took my order assured me that it was business as usual to cater for crazy people with strange food preferences. 'No tomato sauce? Sure, no problem, we can do that, weirdo'.

It hasn't all been junkfood and butt-sitting though. I actually tried to take some pics of me doing a Wii Just Dance session, but in spite of painful amounts of self-timer camera set up, I ended up with a lot of glorious underarm shots like this:
And then, when I tried a different angle; this:

Le sigh... I will try again after exams and some instruction from The Programmer that knows stuff about cameras.

Food pics!~ (it hasn't all been pizza and kebabs)..

A glorious lamb rack with veges from our garden:

A cherry icecream smoothie (and quite a few cherry smoothies, unpictured. I mean, a smoothie looks like a smoothie, doesn't it?)

Dinner with kale chips from our garden!  My kale seems to have gone from tiny to giant in a couple of days. We have four years of compost on our garden and, I swear, the stuff is like vege kryptonite.

Quick lunch. Eggs with herbs and apple. Did the job.

Ingredients for a moroccan dish. Anything with cumin, cinnamon, dried apricots and ginger is a winner.

Another garden salad with a little beef and a lot of sauteed mushrooms and homemade mayo.
And now it is Friday night and I've just sent The Programmer out for organic kebabs.

What are you up to? Please don't tell me I'm the only one that is looking forward to a date with The Science of Nutrition - 11th Edition?


Foodie Friday will resume next week, once Girlyswot Fridays are done with~!


  1. Jo Coleman8:26 pm

    Love the food and morrocan flavoured any thing is fab. So have decided that if Im serious about changing my waist size is with some exercise ...I HATE EXCERSISE ...and spelling puh

  2. Hun, you shall come visit me and learn that exercise is FUN. We shall Wii-fit. It's awesome.

  3. Yay, food pics! I'm such a weirdo. :)

    Know that I am right there with you as far as studying goes. I may study myself to death. It's true!

  4. *ahem* My weekend involves: pools, beaches, fruity cocktails, Thai food, and a lot of walking around exotic parts, gawking at some of the sights.

    Re food pics: I MUST try to find the guy with the cart selling fried insects again and get a photo for my blog. Crickets, scorpions, coconut grubs.... I can file that under "more stuff I'm never gonna eat".

  5. So glad you made it there after all the drama! go on.. just one little cricket. How can you report properly on the cultural experience of Thailand if you didn't even eat one little bug? XX


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