Saturday, October 08, 2011

Give me chocolate or give me DEATH (by chocolate)

I realise I have been AWOL for a few days, and today's post will be short and to the point. It's not that I don't love each and every reader with complete devotion, it's just that I've got a Food Safety Plan, AND a 10-article review due on Monday and well.. due to having a couple of days of flu-like blah-ness (which seems to have succumbed to my onslaught of Vit C and Maca), I'm not exactly on schedule.

However, Foodie Friday is a tradition which must be honored, no matter how crazy the 'to-do' looks.


This, my friends, is Death by Chocolate. It will kill you, with happiness. It's the perfect thing to top off a day that included hard work, hard yoga, lots of veges and a nice glass of wine.

The recipe comes straight off cacoaweb and you can find it here.  The only change I made was using corn flour so that it would be gluten free.  I cut my cake in to 24 very small pieces. It is super rich and, what's really great is that this cake lives in the fridge and only gets better. It's got fresh cream in the icing, so I'd say eat it within four days, or freeze it (that's the Food Safety geek coming out).

Do you have any amazing recipes that I could try for upcoming Foodie Friday's? Please link me up.

And one last pic to make sure you really understand how good this was:


  1. You. Are. Killing. Me.

  2. And I am NOT saving the recipe. Honest.

  3. I have a serious need for chocolate today. I've been rooting through the cupboards like a rat, trying to figure out what, exactly, I'm craving. And then I saw this picture, and I realized: chocolate.

  4. OMG that was ALL I NEEDED TO SEE when I am trying so hard to behave myself!
    I hope you eat it all and gain 10 pounds! lol
    Cos if I ate it I would no doubt gain 20 pounds!


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