Friday, October 21, 2011

Friendy Friday

 Hello! What day is it?  Friday!

As you know, around here, the last day of the week is a.k.a Foodie Friday. I'm thinking of an apple crumble, and there will be pics tomorrow.

Today is also Friendy Friday and I'd like to give a big shout out to fellow blogger Kek, who over the years, has proven herself to be one of those people that knows how to be a friend. We met years ago, when we were both doing a Body for Life competition and graduated from e-friends to 3d-friends and more. (Per the link - I would 100% recommend slathering someone in brown goo as a means to solidifying a friendship. I just can't think of a better way..)

I mean, how many people do you know that when invited to a party, would reply five minutes later, 'I'm just booking flights now'? We do not live in the same country.  You see that 'Professional Blogging for Dummies' in my Kindle? That was a gift from Kek, who noted my publicly pained efforts to update the blogs and decided to buy me a Kindle gift. 

Unfortunately, I thought the Amazon email was spam and deleted it, but we got there eventually. I'm under strict instructions not to read it until after exams though. ;) I only had a quick look.. promise. Apparently, this book will impart some kind of blogging superpower.  I'm almost scared.

I'd thoroughly recommend dropping by Kek's blog, and be sure to say 'hi', she's friendly, most of the time, but not before two espresso (espressi?) in the morning, so watch out for that. :D


  1. You do know that your post timestamp says "Thursday"?


    Thanks for the blog love, Luv!

  2. Well, obviously, once I've read that book, I'll know how to fix that. I am currently a tomorrow person.


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