Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I just finished what could only be described as 25 minutes of 'trance yoga' ;-/  I've had a cahrayzee kind of a day and sitting on the 'to do list' all day was this, taunting me:

* Yoga

At 9.30pm I decided to, like Nike, just do it.  No mat, no change of clothes, no podcast, just 25 minutes of random yoga flow to entranced.fm - one of my favourite sites for streaming background music while I'm working. I liked it and have that nice, floaty feeling that should happen after a yoga sesh. Hear ye, there is never any excuse to miss your planned exercise, even if skinny jeans ≠ yoga pants.

But, today's post is not really about yoga, it's about noshin'. It's miscellaneous foodcam, which is where I offload all the foodie pics on my Compactflash and see what's been happening in the kitch.

The opening pic is pumpkin fritters. This is a very interesting, unifying time of year. Southern and Northern hemispheres are both in the season of pumpkins. You may recall that last year I accidentally grew a beast.
Snitchy pussy-cat in there for scale. As an earthquake orphan, Miranda reserves the right to be always grumpy.

Due to constant earthquakes, I totally forgot about the garden and by the time I remembered, there was a giant pumpkin thing there. This year, I was so quaked out that we didn't even sow any pumpkins, but they are readily available, and cheap. I try to roast up more than I need so that there is always leftovers for fritters and .. pumpkin smoothies (yes, you must try before you judge..).

The fritter ingredients are: 100g (ish) pumpkin, 2 eggs, cinnamon, a little sea-salt, dash of vanilla. These are all pummeled to a thick paste in the mini-mill and cooked in dessert spoon sized blobs. I use a mix of coconut oil and butter for cooking - this seems to give the best texture. I've never had success with this as a pancake - it always burns before the middle cooks. I've sprinkled erythritol on the one in the pic and that's a side of organic yogurt.

What else is on my camera? A protein pudding. With chocolate cooked in to the middle of it. Mmmm.  This is not a regular food for me, but study just brings out my lazy, microwave using, chocolate-craving side.

Next up. Oats. As part of trying to increase my Thiamine intake, I've decided to rediscover oats on a more regular basis (if my joints start playing up, I'll reconsider, but so far, so good). These are slow cooked whole rolled oats, with dried apricots. The apricots were cooked in with the oats, which gives a nice chewy sweetness.

Just to wreck the vegan-ness of it, I then stirred in some yogurt. I seem to be going through a yogurty phase. And.. again with the chocolate.. *looks sideways*.  Someone must have put that in there. While I was eating carrots somewhere else.

I have a huge selection of snacky bar type things in the fridge, and sometimes I get around to eating one, if I'm too busy to smoothify something. This is a Raw Rev 100 calorie raw food bar. It is tiny. Delicious but very sweet. Generally I'd say that bars with dried fruit, nuts, seeds and agave tend to be quite calor-horrific for their size and as such, not really a great snack for fatloss.

As a nutritious brain-booster when stuck in the study bubble, however? Just the thing.

This last pic can't really be considered foodcam. More like used to be food cam? Or, not really in my case, seeing as potatoes are evil nightshades that make my joints ache. 

I had no idea that when she visited, more than 8 months ago, Sistasana had stashed a bag of spuds in a place where I usually only keep cleaning stuff and empty food containers. So it was very freaky when I opened the cupboard and one of those pink tendrils was creeping out at me, feeling its way out from behind a shelf. I think I squealed and had a quick, involuntary plyometric workout by jumping around a bit.
Don't try to tell me you would have stayed calm and zen in the face of that thing. I don't know what my subconscious thought it was, but the reaction was not rational.

Now it's time to try and prize Razzy from his spot on the office couch and head off to bed. I won't be blogging tomorrow, as it's time to organise the summer production run for Sana, but I'll be back on Wednesday with a shout out to a very awesome fellow blogger.

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  1. That same someone sneaks around here putting chocolate in my meals too...


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