Monday, September 12, 2011

To market, to market

Today, I've been studying up a storm, which is easy when the weather is putting on the wets. Yesterday, however, it was calm and clear so we fulfilled our long-held plan to attend the Farmers Market.

I love buying local, and the selection at the Opawa market is fabulous. Of specific, personal interest was the She Chocolat stand, where I possibly swooned a little bit. They entranced me with a free sample and I then found myself hypnotically mumbling : apricot and cacao ball.. don't mind if I do..

I over-efficiently formatted the camera card before retrieving any market pics (will get some next week), but we do have.. lunch.

A mushroom and goat cheese omelette for her - note the biodegradable box and wooden fork.
Something with beans and evil nightshades (tomato salsa, potato scone) for him.
The man food looked delicious. I might see if they can make me a nightshade free version.

While my omelette was cooking, the ground rumbled with an aftershock. That was kind of cool, in this instance. If there is one thing I can say for aftershocks, they smash social barriers. One moment you are watching a guy expertly cook an omelette, the next you are asking him if he still has a house and how it feels to be cooking with gas during a fairly big shake.

The excitement didn't finish with lunch. Looky here: I found real sauerkraut with lactobaccilli, made by the Sri Chimnoy Lotus Heart cafe. Seek and you shall find. By the way, their website has some very chilled music and grooves with happiness. While Googling them, I accidentally discovered that the market is vegetarian. I had no idea.

This really good sauerkraut. It's approximately a bazillion times better than the canned one. That must be the love that they add as an ingredient (right there on the front panel)

Before walking home, we stopped at Flo for some caffeination. While there I noticed that I'd been hugging my freshly cut pumpkin a bit too enthusiastically and had turned myself orange on the front of my shirt. Luckily it's a non-snooty sort of place. I was probably right on trend.

I wish my lounge was as cosy as this cafe.

Now I am ready for a week of kicking it (assignments - four pending). Welcome to Monday, readers! I know it's going to be a great week. :D

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