Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mad cats and fun with packaging

Please excuse the phone pics today. It was pure laziness. My phone was 'right there' >> and getting my camera would have required walking about 20m. :D

These tea bags drive my cats crazy.

It's a pretty serious situation. If I don't lock these tea bags away at night, the cats will mount a search and destroy operation. In the morning there will be a torn up box and tea bag parts strewn all over the kitchen floor.

If they find a used one in a cup, they will fish it out with a paw and roll on it with a goofy expression. It's like a catnip high, only... more extreme. The ingredients are: valerian, hops, and lemongrass. At first I just assumed that the tea bag factory had accidentally or intentionally swapped in some catnip (hey, I have worked in health food manufacture, don't tell me this would never happen.. oops we are a bit short on Valerian and the shipment is running late, do you think anyone would notice if we used a bit of this stuff?). 

However, having consulted a herbalist, it seems that actually, cats quite like Valerian. Valerian is the plant from which Valium is extracted. My cats like to get their groove on by snorting herbals. I would totally recommend these tea bags as a method of amusing yourself. Give one to your cat and watch them get high. This is not recommended with children, but with animals, I think it's ok.


Today I have been messing around with packaging. I got a big sample box in the mail.
I am on a mission to put the Sana product in the most environmentally friendly packaging available that  is also free of Bisphenol A (BPA). It's turning out to be quite a task. Packaging in general is not an entirely eco friendly thing and you just have to do your best.  We have always tried to keep packaging minimal, focus on larger pack sizes and (as our customers would know) not use excessive ink on the labels. 

Now I'm tossing up the options to see if we can do even better. Biodegradable or recyclable? Is it better for the customer to be able to see the product, or is an opaque bag better? Is a foil lined brown paper bag really a more eco option, or does it just 'look' more environmentally friendly? Gold? Blue? Red? Black? Print on the bag? It takes a lot of mental argument to analyse the many variables that add up to 'that is the bag for my product!' Sometimes it also takes verbal argument with business partners, but this time, it's all up to me to fulfill the requirements of the business and the planet (oh, the responsibility..).

Tonight I'm taking a break from bags, although I may dream about them later! I'm heading off to an art exhibition opening, which should be a chance to get out of my workout gear (bad habit when working/studying from home: just schlep about in trackies all day) and give my social skills an airing. I will see if I can get pics and report back tomorrow.

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  1. Those cats of yours are messier than my kids. And I've seen them in action destroying tea bags... The tea is quite nice, and definitely relaxing, but it must have an amplified effect on kitties for them to go to those lengths.

    Funny though.


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