Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just call me Spence..

I know I promised you some pics from my cousin Asher's exhibition, but in all the excitement of going somewhere without my textbooks, I forgot my camera. For those on Facebook though, you can see some pics of his work here.  Also I swiped the above pic, which was my favourite exhibition painting, from Facebook. I had to crop it, apologies to the artist. I've probably changed its entire raison d'être. 

It's a very psychological piece of work, but I won't say too about that, in case that insight comes under the category of personal stuff that you tell your cousin over a few wines and don't expect to be blabbed to the world on her blog. :D I know when to hold it in, most of the time.

The lack of camera was probably a good thing, seeing as the mulled wine, Jamie Oliver recipe, was too delicious and required an intense, two-handed sip and sniff technique. I am definitely making that wine recipe, very, very soon.  Friday 1st of October looks good for that; that day marks the end of Semester 2 assignment deadlines.

That's a paper from the British Journal of Psychiatry. It's relaxing bedtime reading.
I'm writing two hefty assignments. One on the post traumatic stress issues that one might encounter after a natural disaster - for example, an earthquake (for some reason, I'm quite fascinated all things quaky, it's really hard to say why..), and one on Forensic Psychology: Risk Assessment. That one is a bit Criminal Minds.

I'm not sure that Forensic Psychology is something I want to pursue, but I've done my research, just in case. I've watched seasons one through six. I know that if I want to catch baddies, I'd better get a new wardrobe. :D 

Do you think CSI's and Behavioural Analysts really traipse around crime scenes in high-heels and white pants, contaminating the site with flyaway blowdried hair? I am a doubter. 

There's a lot of work to do, so I'd better get back to it. I'll leave you with some foody pics and a few others that I just found on the camera card. 
Razzy monitoring the progress of the pumpkin seeds drying
Lunch at Bully Hayes, Akaroa. Now that I've seen this pic, I intend to head back there ASAP. That was a great lunch.

Bully Hayes is right by the water. I need more of this outdoor ambiance in my life.
Last nights dinner - Roast vege quiche. It has mayo mixed in with the eggs - I had some that needed to be used up. The veges were sauteed with a bit of white wine vingear and salt. This gave the whole thing a more interesting flavour. Quiches can be a bit boring.
Kumara chips and mayo - lunch today.
The Programmer talking to some donkeys. I know.. cute+cute+cute. I can hardly handle it.
I hope you are having a great weekend! I'll be back with more ramblings and pics on Monday ;)

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  1. Please don't adopt any donkeys...I can handle a cat sharing my bed, but donkeys..?



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