Saturday, October 01, 2011

Foodie Friday

Once again Friday rolled around and I found myself staking out the Love Veggies and Yoga blog (which, in spite of its name, seems to focus on desserts) for something decadent and calorie-rich. The nutella and peanut butter bars (recipe on the link) caught my eye and I gave it a go:

The ingredient list was a bit of a challenge, I might say. For a start, I think I am allergic to peanut butter. I have only eaten it once in the last five years and immediately suffered a reaction involving very blocked nose with sneezing and red, itchy, dark-circled eyes. It was very attractive.

Unwilling to test my peanut butter hypothesis, I went hunting and gathering for almond nut butter and 'graham crackers'. The Liberty Market has a lot of American imports and I thought I might find the elusive graham cracker there, but ... nah. I went for the nearest sweet, crunchy biscuit, which was a vanilla flavoured animal-shaped cracker, gluten free. I felt so mean bashing them to bits..

Making the whole recipe resulted in an alarming 48 portions, which is probably the result of mine being thinner than those on the recipe page. They are intense and the sugar kicks hard - all 500g of it.  I packed half of what was left and forced it on Mamasana as she left. The rest is languishing in my freezer and will undoubtedly taunt me every waking moment until next Friday. 


Today, Saturday, I have been deeply involved in study. Finally, finally, I seem to be recovering my ability to concentrate. After Quake #2, my mental stickability went all to hell, which I have found is a common trauma reaction.  'Research and write' was all going well, up until a few minutes ago.

Razzy and I were hard at it, with him concentrating on researching relaxed intensity,

when there was a massive *CRASH*TINKLE* from outside and my brain naturally perceived an aftershock and instructed my heart to start racing and pounding. However, the room was not moving, and a few seconds later The Programmer peered in the door looking a bit shocked.

He's been working on the garden today and was carrying a sheet of glass to cover the seedling area when this happened:

Without warning, the glass just shattered, and in most dramatic fashion.  There are pieces of it outside the home office door, which is.. say eight metres away. It exploded and he swears it was not bumped on anything. Spooky. Luckily he didn't cut himself. Or at least I don't think so. I probably should do a more thorough inspection later.. ;D

Also fortunate, I have just the comfort food for such a situation.


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