Thursday, August 25, 2011

To the point(s)

Today's post is an 'easy-read' summary of pics and random bits from my brain that have been lurking around and prodding me that they want to be blogged.  Here we go!:

* My cat is on Prozac (I must be a terrible cat mama....). Razzy's stylish new vet with a sexy Euro accent has diagnosed an anxiety disorder. Maybe she has a diploma in cat psych? Perhaps I should have checked before I let her label him a nutcase?  The quakes, the cold, and (possibly) me disappearing for a month, then returning to reclaim my side of the bed; this has all been too much for his traumatised little mind. Side effect of the happy pills: increased appetite. Oh my gosh, the ceaseless yowling..

* I had a massage at Smile Spa. This was gift from a friend and it was every bit as fabulous as their interior design would suggest. Jo, I owe you a jar of almond butter.

Having trained as a massage therapist, I am usually sorely disappointed when I pay for a massage. Not this time. Karina (?) may have looked 15 but she had the chops. I walked out of there a new person and, quite literally, smelling of roses.

* Something is happening at the supermarket site. For those at the back, my local supermarket, the best supermarket in the world, was trashed by the February 22nd earthquake. I've been restlessly checking on progress toward the new one.
The site has been completely leveled, which can't have been easy considering it had been turned into 'undulating hills' by mother nature.  I am not sure what this giant corkscrew thingy is. We speculated that they may be taking samples to ensure the ground stability.

* I made a quick frozen banana soft serve and it actually improved my life. Ingredients: 1 frozen banana and half an unfrozen one. tbsp erythritol, tbsp unflavoured WPC, pinch of stevia, vanilla, sea salt. Pummel into submission using the food processor. So good.

* Salad! A major salad moment to celebrate the 'spring is in the air' vibe that has just (maybe temporarily) arrived. Lacking greens I went scavenging in the grass for dandelion leaves.
* I did a 'walk by' The Dux de Lux, much loved Christchurch pub/restaurant/band venue. Still closed, still freshly festooned with little paper ducks and messages of support.
I took this pic while I was in 'town' (what passes for it these days) for an important and exciting meeting that I can't say much about just yet in case it comes out to be a big nothing. It's one of those 'if I talk about it, I might jinx it' things. 

* Ordered a couple of hundred kg's of Psyllium (as you do).

* Took delivery of new batches of cacao beans and maca. Fresh cacao always smells indescribably wonderful.

* Attempted Power Vinyasa Flow 5 from yoga download. *wide eyes*.  If that is a step up from Power Vinyasa Flow 4 it is a very big step. Side crow? I - don't - think - so. In the spirit of positive affirmation, let me revise that to: 'I'm not quite ready for that just now'. I did manage to 'attempted side crow' myself into a giggling fit though and laughing is therapeutic, so it's all good. :D



  1. Sounds like the massage has worked wonders on you. Perhaps Razzy would benefit from some massage therapy? I wonder if cat masseurs exist?

    The big corkscrew thingy is possibly to drill holes to insert whopping great concrete piers into, to stabilise the foundations of the new building. I know stuff about construction - I've watched lots of multi-storey apartments going up near my office. That must make me an expert, surely? ;)

  2. There's no way that I can do those crazy floating on your arms of steel yoga moves! Errr...I mean...that's not my path right now. Glad they're fixing up the supermarket!


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