Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Goings on..

As promised, I was all set to blather on about the movie 'Netherwood'. However, I found a set of vlogs by the actors on Youtube which are more informative and funnier that anything I could come up with. So I decided instead to just borrow one of those and I think you'll like it. There are also some nice pics in this vlog of beautiful Waipara, where the movie was set. Waipara is about an hours drive from where I live.

I can't make it fit the blog width, sorry. My HTML is AWOL when it comes to tricky stuff like resizing a vid.

We arrived at the film festival theatre, settled down with a glass of wine and then, instead of the lights being dimmed, they were thrust on to full glare, startling the audience. Luckily after only a few seconds of blinking uncomprehendingly at the usually-invisible people (i.e. fellow movie goers), some eye candy two of the main actors wandered down the stairs, stood in front of the screen and introduced the movie.  This caused a bit of fidgeting, whispering and excitement. Apparently the actors are really very famous in NZ, but as I don't watch Shortland Street, I was blissfully unaware and uncorrupted.

Being totally unpretentious, kiwi blokes (possibly with a few beers inside by that stage), they also came back after the movie to take audience questions. I don't know if that's normal for actors at a festival. No security? No dark glasses, aloof cool attitude and whiter-than-white veneers?  Not like Brad Pitt at Cannes then -  and that's nooo criticism to either Owen at Northlands Mall or Brad in Cannes.  Working it is working it.
One of the many things I loved about Netherwood was the sheer kiwi-ness of it and the lack of predictable, Hollywood storyline. I felt part of a secret group that understood what's funny about someone asking for a Speights in North Canterbury. Shades of Billy T, right there. :D

Netherwood: if you get a chance, see it. You will laugh your pants off while swooning at handsome kiwi  cowboy types with issues. 

Apart from that little escapade to the movies, and He Reo Aroha (previous post), I've been up to my usual antics of study, running Sana, cooking, yoga-ing, coffee-shopping, eating and cuddling of cats.  Here are some piccies:

The diet has just made him exponentially lazier. What to do, what to do?
Snacking on kale chips - it's kale season, WOOHOO!
Checking on progress at the Arts Centre. You can see a turret on the ground that used to be on the roof.

Snacking at 'Flo' cafe with a cute guy.

With that, I must get back to arranging dinner, which I think is going to be a warm chicken salad. Tomorrow night I'm going ice skating with my friend Beatrix. I have not done this since the age of about 9. I hope not to break a leg. I'll be the uncool one hugging the rail...

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