Monday, August 15, 2011

Global Warming?

I've just finished a 20 minute Power Yoga podcast, which had the added ambiance of snow falling gently outside of the French doors and window. Even though I had the foresight to switch the heater timer on, you may notice that it was only a 20 minute class, not my usual 45 minutes. I was feeling a certain reluctance to get out of bed. Being used as a heater by three cats did not help the situation.

 We get a bit excited about snow here in NZ, because it is not an every-winter thing. This year has been especially anomalous, with TWO snow dumps (one happened while I was overseas) and with whiteness occurring in parts of NZ that have not seen such a thing for decades.
The cast of 'The Hobbit', which is filming in Wellington, are astounded. Stephen Fry has been tweeting about the weirdness of it to the world. Roads are closed and all South Islanders are on house arrest. Obviously we don't 'do' snow very often and can't be trusted not to get stuck in a snow bank or lost in the unfamiliar featureless landscape.
I've got The Programmer home for the day too, which was kind of great. He got up early to log in to his work and managed to also fulfill all my muffled requests ('pleease, light the fire/feed the cats/bring me and espresso/close the bedroom door so the heat doesn't get out... thaaanks..zzz'). The cats know how to open the door, but they never close it and the heat just whooshes out as the inside and outside temps strive to equalise themselves due to some cruel law of thermodynamics.

My movie buff man also heard me musing about the lack of global warming lately and sagely informed me that 'one of the paradoxes of global warming is that it can trigger extreme weather events'. Apparently that's from 'The Day After Tomorrow' or some other end of days disaster flick. Mmmm. I'll think that over later.

Plan for the day: finish assignment draft, do emails, make something mid-winter Christmassy for dinner. I think a bit of tinsel could be just what the day needs to achieve greatness.

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  1. At least it LOOKS pretty. Man, that is some serious snow....


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