Thursday, June 02, 2011

Zumba Therapy

Last night I was lying in bed having a little freak out about the coming exams that I haven't even started studying for and the two huge assignments that were both due yesterday (well, one was yesterday and one was last Monday, but let's not be picky...).

This morning, even though my brain was giving me the 'you don't have time for this' BS, I got my dance sneakers on and got into a 20 minute Zumba express. Half way through, I was sweating and grooving and suddenly felt a whole lot better.  Sometimes, the last thing I feel like doing is the very thing I have to do - exercise, dammit.  Move thy arse.  That little hit of endorphins is a much more efficient path to sanity than several hours of stressy planning and re-planning, fretting and stressing some more. I must remember this next time my head starts up with the negativity.

The Programmer and I had something cool to show each other today (er.. not that, dirty, dirty little minds...). I was excited to show him this amazing butter chicken curry from Pitango. There is nothing artificial in it and it's so cute how they put a 'contains chickens' sticker on there, just so that no vegans will get a nasty surprise.

It does have nightshades, so this was strictly a 'for him' dinner. Mine was.. even less photogenic than a bowl of curry.

Then The Programmer showed me his little purchase of the day:

Can't compete really. No more hanging all our clothes around the house, hoping they will dry by the end of the week. He wins.


  1. The chicken sticker is hilarious. Who'd have guessed there was chicken in a chicken curry?

  2. I know, right? Who woulda thunk it?


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