Thursday, June 30, 2011

T minus two days

It's just two days and a few hours until I am on that plane to Zurich! In spite of a last minute Psyllium crisis, my confidence is trending toward there still being a business here when I return in August. ;)

The day started in the usual way, with Razzy lying his vast bulk on top of me so that he doesn't miss the crucial moment when I get up and start feeding time at the zoo. However, today things happened a little differently. That's because yesterday, we had a little talk:

'Razzy', I said to him. 'Your butt is so fat that I can't even fit all of you into a single photograph. Have you gained weight?'.
'No', he lied. 'I've got my winter coat on'.
'Ok', I said. 'Let's see how much that coat weighs, shall we?'

(weighing procedure)

'It appears you have gained 500g. If you were a human, this would be no problem, but you are a cat. I'm afraid we must start a militant feline diet protocol immediately'.

I think he was about to protest it, but then got distracted by the idea of lazing in front of the fire.

This morning we began segregated feedings.  I think the problem is that they all get fed together and I don't exactly have time in my day to sit there and watch them finish. I think what is happening is that the others are nibblers (they are all very sleek) and leave food, which Mr Garbage Guts cleans up. Personally I like squishy fat cats, and he is certainly still active enough, but I've seen what overweight does to cats as they age and I don't want that for Razzy. Luckily I have the power. I also have the ability to leave the country for  a month to avoid the incessant cat whining - and he has a loud, loud yowl. 

If anyone has successfully dieted a cat, please let me know how you did it. It's not like I can talk to him about his emotional eating issues... even though he clearly has them. The only approach I can think of is brute force and earplugs.

Today I got the lollypops for the dispatch dept. Look at this!


Forgetting about the excessive packaging and food miles for a minute, these are great. I have sampled... a few. I would have uploaded a photo of me doing this, but bulging eyes and a red face was not a flattering look on me.

Ok, back to it. The to-do list is still a bit longer than I'd like it to be at this phase, but I'm not concerned about all the rushing around because once I get on that plane I've got 36 hours of butt sitting (groooan). That's like... seven or eight movies? Six aeroplane meals? I try not to whinge, because it's a privilege to be able to travel, but long-haul is just not easy. Well, I'm sure it's easy in First Class..... but....

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